Have You Been Charged with Murder?

Not really, it’s a scam you need to know about. We got a call from an “Agent” trying to confirm that my wife had a warrant in Texas for money laundering, cocaine trafficking and MURDER.

The very nice man on the phone asked her to confirm her identity in all the usual ways. She was making up answers as she went along. When she totally denied ever having lived in Texas our friendly caller switched to an identity fraud case and if she would just provide information her warrants would be vacated.

We taped the phone call. Hilarity ensued. Try to see where in the call Mr. Agent finds out he was being scammed by us.

Chris Young Scam

So the wife has been texting with “Chris Young”.  She’s a big fan and he is asking for her help.

But unfortunately, it’s a scam.  The phone number is (435) 557-0304.  Feel free to Google that and see what I found.

I texted with “Chris” for a bit.  Read on Loyal Reader….

They go left to right top to bottom…


Needless to say but I’m tweeting this to the real Chris Young so that he and his crew know about this bullshit.