Sheila Jackson Lee is a Shining Beacon of Truth

Representative Sheila Jackson Lee (D) blasts Trump saying he committed a crime by saying that Obama was born in America.



Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee spoke about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and used the example of North and South Vietnam living side by side as an example of the peace.

“How well it that we have lasted some 400 years, operating under a Constitution that clearly finds what is Constitutional and what is not….”



“I stand here as a freed slave because this Congress came together….”

“…I’m some disappointed with the Pepsi advertisement that showed a demeaning role for African American women…”


This is the Evil Pepsi Commercial.

One of her best speeches.  “…if the Founders Father had came from the thirteen colonies and various districts…”  With regard to the Federal Government shut down: …we have martial law, we knows what that means and my colleagues know what it means is that you can put on a Bill in minutes….”



“Hurricane names are too lilly white.  All racial groups should be represented.  How about names like Keisha, Jamal and Deshawn?”

Pepsi Does not Hate America

“I know that many people know that there is a war with America and Iraq, but the last straw is where a worldwide company, that started in America, betrays it’s soul country for profit.I’m talking about Pepsi. I recently found out that American soldier, Roland Martinez, who was cleaning up the remains of a public gun-fight in a city in Iraq, when he found a Pepsi can with the attack of 9/11 proudly printed on the side of the can with a plane in the sky, with bubbles as the fire, and a plane CRASHING into the tower, with both the towers coming down!”


Did I mention my daughter writes a blog? I quote her above. Read her entire post HERE. It”s a great blog but she has made the classic rookie mistake (one that I learned year ago, thanks Tina). She posted before checking her facts.

This is the can in question.

To begin with, it’s not Iraqi.  It’s bottled (canned?) under license by

Pepsi Arabiain Dubai, United Arab Emirates,  The label was designed by the the Dubai Refreshments Company and is supposed to be the Dubai skyline.

The folks in Dubai are very proud of their pointy skyscrapers.



Pepsi has been aware of this misconception.  PepsiCo released an official statement:

We understand from some of our consumers that a Diet Pepsi can designed and sold in the Middle East portraying the growth of active regional cities has been misinterpreted. We are sorry that some people found this design insensitive, which was never our intention as the graphics on this can were inspired by the Dubai skyline. As soon as this matter was brought to our attention in October, we immediately stopped production of the can and took action to change the design. The new can, which features an abstract design, is already in the Middle East market. All old designs will be replaced over the next few weeks.