Supersonic Sky Dive Planned

Extreme sky diver Felix Baumgartner has announced his intention to jump through the sound barrier. Plans call for him to jump from a balloon at an altitude of 39 kilometers. This will break the altitude record set by US Air Force colonel Joe Kittinger in 1960.

Baumgartner is best known for being the first person to fly across the English Channel with a carbon wing in 2003.

Follow the progress of the Red Bull Stratos Project here.

Swiss Man Flies the da Vinci Parachute

April 29, 2008- It has taken over 500 years and many, many failed attempts, but the da Vinci Parachute has been successfully flown.

Olivier Vietti-Teppa (36), of Switzerland successfully landed a da Vinci designed parachute, conceived somewhere around 1485.

The jump was made from 2000 feet from a helicopter.

“I came down in the middle of Payerne military airport in Switzerland, a perfect jump. “ -Olivier Vietti-Teppa

Watch the video.