Olympic Home Videos

We’ve got Olympic Fever in our house and we’re not the only ones.  Home Olympic Videos are springing up. Alex over at LateEnough threw down the gauntlet and Abby at Abby Gabs picked it up and smacked me with it. Not wanting miss an opportunity to totally rip off  rise to the occasion I whipped one out myself. Okay, not by myself. Number One Daughter Rosie volunteered to by the camera man…um…person…girl.

Bronze Medal

Silver Medal

Gold Medal


Ten Reasons to Watch Our Women’s Soccer Team

Alex Morgan- Team USA.

With the drubbing our Women’s Soccer Team gave New Zealand they’re through to the semi-finals.  Our girls are undefeated in Olympic play.  So that should be the best reason to watch and root them on. But some of you are guys and still pouting that America’s football season hasn’t started. But be of good cheer and grab a beer. Settle down and see if you can’t enjoy the commentary  in Women’s soccer.

  1. “Unfortunately she used her hand on that play.”
  2. “That shot passed right between her legs.”
  3. “Their keeper took that shot right on her chin.”
  4. “It’s a header for a GOAL!!!”
5. “She went down on the play”

6. “She got behind the defender to score.”

7. That was on her thigh, no penalty.

8. That was a Hell of a try but she couldn’t put it in.
9.”They’re failing to prevent penetration.”

The Best One of All

10.  “It’s a rocket to the back of her box.”