As the New England Patriots march to their next Super Bowl win, we ask you the fan, to review these plays.

Fumble and recovery by the Cleveland Browns on 2nd and 2, 9:52 remaining in the 4th quarter. Game against Washington Redskins on 10-2-2016. No… wait….recovered by Washington.


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The Redskin NFL cheerleaders posed nude for a photo shoot. Our crack team of reporters got to the bottom of this story.

In 2013, the Washington Redskins took their cheerleading squad to Costa Rica.  Some of the ladies were concerned when the Redskin officials took their passports on arrival.  The location of the shoot was the adults only Grand Papagayo resort at Culebra Bay.  After the calendar shots were done, the officials  told the ladies to go topless for another calendar.  The request/order was okay with many ladies as the beach was secluded.  Some went topless and others wore body paint.

Then it went downhill like the Redskin winning record.  The Redskins had invited spectators.  Sponsors and FedEx Suite holders were invited to watch the shoot.  All men.

Then it got worse.  One evening, after a 14 hour photoshoot, the girls were told to go home and change into something sexy.  Some of the men had picked them to be escorts to nightclubs.  

Take a close look.



Some girls cried at being “pimped out”.  Others took it in stride saying, “They didn’t put a gun to our head, it was just mandatory”. 

Across the NFL, cheerleader are required to show up for extracurricular activities like visiting hospitals and USO shows.  Cheerleading for the NFL isn’t exactly a high paying job and the girls are paid extra fro these junkets.  How much they got for the services provided in Costra Rica is unknown. 

Jumping on the #metoo movement, several former cheerleaders have filed a complaint against the league and the team on Thursday, alleging that they were discriminated against because of their religion and gender.  However, these “Special Calendar Shoots” have been wide spread in the NFL for years.  Which begs the question, “HOW DO I GET ONE OF THESE CALANDERS!”







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