Aviation Nation 2012

Aviation Nation, Nellis AFB’s annual Open house was this weekend. I was a little under the weather but Jamie and Rosie insisted we go. I’m glad we did.

The weather was rather windy and brisk. There seemed to be a lack of antique aircraft this year. The crowd was smaller than in the past.  But that made the event less stressful.

The Budweiser Clydesdales were at the show!


The Thunderbirds put on a good show.


I caught them towing away a broken jet when nobody was looking.


“Red Horse” jumped out of a perfectly good airplane. Go figure.


Rosie- the Natural Born Door Gunner. Yeah, she pointed it at Dad.


The airspace is cleared of other aircraft when the T Birds do their show. So who is this motoring around?


It was the Open House but all the UAV pilots had their names taped out. Hmmmm?


The B-1B did a Bad-Ass pass. Well done sir (or Ma’am).


The Heritage Flight. Great Shot Rosie!!!


Then there was this half of an A-7D. For ten bucks they put a helmet on your head and sat you in the seat.





Lucky Puppy Reunion-2011

Lucky Puppies!
Location has been determined. Nellis AFB, Officers Club, in the Eagle Room. 4pm-8pm, November 11th, 2011. Please send Names of those attending & birthdates for security clearance to Jenn Mann in a personal message. She needs a head count. Can’t wait!!!

She’s on Facebook.