First Test Flight of Dream Chaser Deemed Success


Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) has developed a “Space Taxi” called the “Dream Chaser”.  It’s primary mission is to get up to seven people up to the International Space Station.  The first full scale flight test of  Dream Chaser was conducted on 26 October, 2013 at Edwards Air Force, California.  The unmanned gliding test was hailed by SNC as a success.


Except for that skidding off the runway part.

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Dream Chaser being recovered from it’s first “successful” landing.


“We had a successful approach to the runway. The vehicle flared on cue and the speeds were perfect,” said Mark Sirangelo, corporate vice president and head of Sierra Nevada Corporation’s (SNC) Space Systems based in Louisville, Colo.

The space craft is being designed to be launched in three proposed configurations.

Using the Atlas V  booster rocket.
Using Virgin Galactic’s White Knight.


Dream Chaser might be launched by a system yet to be developed.



The second Dream Chaser – built by Lockheed Martin – will be the vehicle used for sub-orbital flight testing that the company hopes will begin in the next two years. NASA is expected announce at least two companies to fly astronauts to low earth orbit by 2017.
Sierra Nevada Corporation is developing its Dream Chaser spaceplane to ferry astronauts to Earth orbit and to the International Space Station.

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UFO Hoax Video Dishonors Columbia Heroes

Here’s a change of pace.  A UFO video that I DON’T believe.

A video has been posted on The Liberty Digest that claims that The Space Shuttle Columbia (STS-107) was shot down by UFO’s.  The destruction of Columbia on reentry and death of her crew was tragic enough.  There is no place for video shenanigans which use the tragedy to further personal agendas.  To joke about the crash is in bad taste but to pass something off as fact in beyond the pale. 

Like this:

Q: What do the Columbia crash and Ted Bundy have in common?

A: They both left bodies in four different States.

See? That was funny because we were joking.  This video just lies and lies poorly.

Watch the video before I rip it apart….

[youtube_sc url=””]

WOW! Wasn’t that  Earth shaking?  Read the following and replay the video and listen closely starting at 9:24.

9:24 Gemini VII:  “Gemini Seven  Gemini Seven  How do you read?”

9:27  Houston:  “Loud and clear. Seven. Go ahead.”

9:29  Gemini VII: “I have a bogey at 10 o’clock high. “

9:31  Houston: “This is Houston. Say again, VII. “

9:34  Gemini VII: “Said we have a bogey at 10 o’clock high. ”

9:45  STS 73 Catherine Coleman :“We have an unidentified flying object.”

9:52  Apollo 12 Pete Conrad- “It seems to be tagging along with us.”

So much for NASA transmissions. 

Always remember to avoid obvious mistakes when photoshopping a picture.

Columbia had no NASA logo on her fuselage. So what is this one doing there.

The video goes on to explain that the shot of the International Space Station was to “calibrate their camera”.  I take test shots with my camera all the time but the ISS was on the other side of the planet when Columbia was on her re-entry trajectory.  I think the hoaxers added the ISS shot as cool filler material.

Come to think of it, where did the pictures of the “wreckage” come from anywhere?  After Columbia the ISS started to document the condition of Shuttles AS THEY UNDOCKED FROM THE ISS.  There was some effort to get pictures of shuttle launches from the ISS.  Maybe that’s where the hoaxers got this idea from.  Once again, orbital mechanics prevent the ISS to be close enough to see the rentry.  If the ISS were close enough it would also be on a reentry trajectory and burn up in the atmosphere.

This is a “UFO Picture” of Endeavour. (STS 126) not Columbia. Note that the bay doors are open.
Discovery has the NASA logo but not Columbia.