Undefeated Dolphins Invited to White House

After 41 years the 1972 “Undefeated” Miami Dolphins get invited to the White House.

Back in 1972 the Nixon administration was embroiled in the Watergate scandal and did not invite the Super Bowl winners to the White House .  During the meeting president Obama mentioned that he referred to the 1985 Chicago Bears as “The Best NFL Team ever” during their White House meeting.  He went on to say that the Bears lost one game during their season and its was to the Dolphins.  The Bears White House invite was cancelled when the shuttle Challenger exploded.

To date, Obama has invited 54 sports teams to the White House.

Okay, he really didn't say that but  you know he was thinking it.
Okay, he really didn’t say that but you know he was thinking it.

Now we can only hope the Barry continues to dip into the past and decides to recreate President Nixon’s resignation.