Nevada Honor Flight Hits Barrycades

The Nevada Honor Flight of about 35 veterans of World War Two were at the World War Two memorial on Saturday. Senator Dean Heller (R) with Congressmen Steven Horsford (D) , Mark Amodei (R)and Joe Heck (R) were there to greet them.  Bob Herbert, a senior adviser to Sen. Harry Reid and deputy adjutant general in the Nevada Army National Guard, distributed U.S. Senate challenge coins with Reid’s name engraved on the back.

Isn’t that sweet?  They got a Harry Reid coin.  Reid himself was absent as was Dina Titus (D) and  Shelley Berkley (D),

Sen. Dean Heller & Rep. Mark Amodei greet veterans at the World War II Memorial.
Representative Horsford (D) speaks with World War II Veterans Ed Turken and Richard Shorr, Saturday October 12, 2013 at the World War II memorial in Washington DC.

Stormy weather did nothing to dampen the vets spirits.  It was reported that the bathrooms were still locked and the fountains were turned off.  News footage of visit shows the fountains on and it’s unclear to me whether file footage was used or someone had found the valve that turned them on.

After hearing word that temporary barricades were placed around the memorial and may have been wired shut, one vet on the bus en route to memorial said of the barricade, “We’re going to tear that damn thing down!” That was not necessary as Senator Dean Heller, along with Representatives Mark Amodei, Steven Horsford and Joe Heck were on hand making sure Park Rangers did not try to stop the veterans.

World War Two Vets Storm the Barricades


World War Two Vets Storm the Barricades

The Mississippi Honor Flight flew 92 World War Two veterans to Washington D.C. for a long planned visit to the World War Two Memorial.  It was closed.  The moose at the gate should’ve told them.

These are the guys that stormed the beaches of Normandy, Saipan and  Iwo Jima just to name a few. They’ve faced point blank machine gun fire and a little “Police Do Not Cross” tape wasn’t going to stop them.

vets storm tweet

police tape
As Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, distracted a Park Police representative, other lawmakers and their staff helped topple the metal fences.

As Park Police informed them that the Memorial was closed as part of the government shut down, the vets ignored them and strolled  (and rolled) on in.

“We didn’t come this far not to get in,” one veteran proclaimed.

More than $100,000 was raised to fund the trip that took months of planning.

Vets Bum Rush the Park Police.

Mississippi Senators Thad Cochran and Roger Wicker were on hand and helped move barriers.  Other members of Congress including Barbara Bachmann were there to meet and greet the vets.

"What the fuck do you want me to do? Arrest them all?"
“What the fuck do you want me to do? Arrest them all?”

“This just means so much to me,” said Alex “Lou” Pitalo, an Army vet who also served in the Pacific during WWII. “I waited 70 years to get a welcome like this. And to get to see this and to have all those people clapping … I’m just so happy. This was amazing.”

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After visiting, the vets left peacefully.  Officials are formulating plans to deal with future incidents like this should the government shut down continue.