Sylvia Escaped Scientology

Sylvia Wagner-DeWall is an amazing woman. She escaped the Church of Scientology with her Family and Marraige  intact.


I met her in Germany when she wandered into our Flight Office. We were both Stationed in West Germany and were in the 313th Aircraft Maintenance Unit, 50th Aircraft Generation Squadron, 50th Tactical Fighter Wing, Hahn Airbase, West Germany. We were both in the same Flight, Baker Flight. The “Bogus Baker Boys” as opposed to our sister Flight “Unstable Able”.

“Unstable Able”

Honestly, many young women wind up in the maintenance career field and can’t hack it with heavy tool boxes and long hours or on their on a personal mission to find a husband and get pregnant. Not necessarily in that order.

Sylvia would have none of that. She held up her own end on the flight line while fending off sexual harassment with a combination laser wit and devastating anger. At 20 years old, she was also a knock out in a mini-skirt and a great dancer. Don’t try to out drink her, you’ll be dragged back to the dorm.


Life was good for Syl and then this happened….

I was stunned. I had my own brush with Scientology when I was a 19-year-old Airman and survived by getting in and out faster that you can say “fuck this”. The first hint of her torment was when I saw that video on the Internets. The next few years I anguished as she and Tim wandered the country. Looking for a place to live and dodging the Scientology Goons. I did three years myself hiding from the NSA. Different reason, same effect.

Then she and her family were settled. I still will not publish where she lives. Her Facebook page was sealed. Nothing in, nothing out. For good reasons she was very, very cautious. I would not put it past the Church of Scientology  to have them eliminated with extreme prejudice. This was the impact of her publishing her being “declared”. It ripped the mask of a very dangerous and damning cult. I was also in and out of The Church of Latter-Day Saints, another nice, healthy cult if you’re shopping for one.

That last sentence was sarcasm. Stay away from them too.


Since the beginning of her escape from Scientology, I’ve been praying for Sylvia and her Family. Her and Tim have rebuilt their business and her son is in a very good rock band.

Read more about Sylvia and Scientology here.

What you should take from this is be kind to each other, especially family. You simply cannot know the personal Hell they are going through. Also reach back when someone musters up the courage to reach out for help. You could save their life.

What Gay Rights?

So I shared this picture on my Facebook. That prompted a comment from Number One Son.

#1 Son: “Does this mean you’re changing your opinion on the matter?”

Me: “My opinion has never changed”.

#1 Son: ” So then you missed the point of this picture? I’m so confused.”

Me: “Nope. You’re just confused about my opinion.”

Let me Clarify

My Number Two Son came out when he was 19. It was a gut wrenching decision that he agonized on. He was terrified of how I’d react.  With his step Mom’s encouragement he sucked it up and went for it. As the tears flowed he said, “This means you won’t Love me anymore. This changes everything.” I said, “This changes nothing. They still have to have a good credit history. They still have to have a good medical history. If they break your heart, I break their back”.

Hugging ensued.

If two people of LEGAL age are in Love, I feel they are entitled to live Happily Ever After. Period. No marches. No legislature. No intrusions into my religion. Live and let live. Government reaches too far into our personal lives without giving them an inroad into the bedroom.

But then you say, “What about the Civil Rights movement of the 60’s?” What about it? That’s comparing apples and oranges. No wait. maybe not.  Dr. Martin Luther King advocating equal rights for all people, regardless of race. I have to attend training every year reminding me that I can’t discriminate according race, religion,national origin, age or sexual preference. The Battle for “Gay Rights” has already been won. If your Gay, please join the group.

If a man and a woman want to get married they have to get permission from the State. It’s called a marriage license. Only with that duly recorded piece of paper can they get to the church on time. If Debbie loves Susan, they should get they butts to court and get a civil union. Straight people do it all the time. Then I don’t care if they get married in a church (that allows this), or have a binding ceremony, cut the head off of chicken or jump the broom. Whatever they want to do. Don’t be offended, I just listed ways straight couples celebrate their union. Please join the group.

Please don’t try to change my religion just because you and I disagree on Dogma. This country was founded on religious freedom. Freedom OF religion not freedom FROM religion. American religious beliefs are so diverse there is a niche for everyone.Find one. Can’t find one? Found one.

A lesbian friend of mine was all excited that “Gay Marriage” was going to be legal in Nevada. I told her I was against it. She was shocked. “But your support Gay Rights? You go to Pride. Your son’s gay. How could you be against it?” I told her that I oppose any law that excludes people. That laws should apply to everyone. “Who is being excluded?”, she asked.

Me. That’s who.

I support Straight Pride. Why is that wrong?

If a man and a woman want to get married, they get married. With the passage of “Gay Marriage”  two men or two women can get married and enjoy all the rights, privileges and responsibilities as a straight couple. But I’ve been married twice. What if I find a woman I want to share my life with (and I may have, thank you)? What if I’ve been burned by Holy Matrimony so bad I don’t want to marry her? Why can’t I visit her if she’s in the hospital? Why can’t I add her to my health insurance? What tax bracket to we file under? Single? Married? Can there be an “Other”?

This is why I’m not homophobic but am dead set against the politification (is that even a word?) of the Gay Community. Gay Rights isn’t about marriage or personal freedoms or anti-discrimination. It’s about Power. Politicians, especially on the Left but on the Right as well are using the GLBT movement to undermine the basic foundation of our American society. Gay couples aren’t destroying the American Family. Leftist bastards in politics are doing that and leaving Gay Folk holding the bill.

I want to be a grandfather. As things are shaping up the kids might have to adopt. I will wind up with two grand-kids in the family and three Dads and one Mom. No….three Moms because my daughter has two Moms now.  Love shouldn’t be divided. It should be multiplied.

My daughter sums it up perfectly…

“I Love my Moms.”

Fuck you Harry Reid, we’re a family in spite of you.

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