Aloha Airlines Flight 243


28 April 1988: Aloha Airlines Flight 243, a Boeing 737-297 airliner, FAA registration N73711, named Queen Liliuokalani, was enroute from Hilo International Airport (IPO) to Honolulu International Airport (HNL) with a crew of 5 and 89 passengers. As the airliner leveled at FL240, a portion of the fuselage tore loose and caused an explosive decompression of the aircraft. The flight deck door blew away and Captain Schornstheimer could see “blue sky where the first-class ceiling had been.”

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Captain Robert L. Schornstheimer
Chief Flight Attendant Clarabelle “C.B.” Ho Lansing. had been a flight attendant with Aloha Airlines for 37 years.

Witnesses saw “CB” sucked through a window just before the cabin roof disappeared. Her body was never recovered and it is speculated that she was sucked into the right engine.