Kecksburg and the Nazi Bell

Glocke Acorn

Watch these videos and I’ll talk about it at the bottom.

The Glocke was last seen by concentration camp inmates as it rose above the wood line and exploded in a blinding blue flash.

Did the Glocke travel through time in space and wound up in Pennsylvania. The descriptions are almost identical. Were the strange marking on the lip of the acorn really Nazi /Aryan runes? The “purple fluid” is mentioned in other documents. Did the U.S. recover the Glocke and learned its secrets.

Do you recognize the Jupiter 2 propulsion system?

The Anti Gravity Project

Patent for Inertial Mass Reduction Device

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Old TV Shows

Inspired by a rather odd guide description of “Star Trek”  I’ve decided to coin a couple of my own.

Set in the town of Northfork in the 1870’s. A poignant story of a serial killer trying a raise his son as a single parent.


Suffering from OCD and ADD, Gilligan sabotages every chance the ship wreck survivors have of rescue.


Air Force Colonel secretly keeps woman trapped in a bottle while she grants him his every wish.


Farmer has three daughters and claims his only source of income is the farm.


Adam, Pa. Hoss and Joe. Riding on the range. Ain’t no Mom. Ain’t no wife. Think it’s kind of strange.


Cruise line arranges random sexual encounters for their passengers.


Earth;s first mission to colonize Alpha Centauri relies on one family's incestuous relations to populate colony.
Earth’s first mission to colonize Alpha Centaur i relies on one family’s incestuous relations to populate colony.

Story of the five year voyage of a space ship where the captain continually violates the Standing Order of Noninterference by having sex with alien beings.


Sit Com based on the hilarity of the genocidal eradication of the Native American population by the US Army.