Who was Alex Okrent?

I have a confession. From time to time I peek into barrackobama.com.  Today, I found this little blurp at the bottom.  Go back and click the the link to see for yourself.

This begs the question, Who was Alex Okrent?

A couple  of key strokes on YouTube produced this….

[youtube_sc url=”http://youtu.be/ftvbxSEFJM8″]



1. Jul 13, 2012 – A 29-year-old Obama campaign staffer, Alex Okrent died Friday after “collapsing” in the president’s campaign headquarters in Chicago,

2.  Okrent  had extensive ties to anti-Israel groups and  this was “damage control” by the Obama campaign .

3.  Okrent was a type of “agent,” if that is the correct word, and this fits in with his not mentioning working for Obama in his Twitter timeline. See number 2.

4.  There was a gay relationship; and, like Obama’s lovers at Trinity United Church of Christ, they needed to be disposed of. Please note, “Loving Memory”.


The Huffington Post reported:

A 29-year-old Obama campaign staffer died Friday after “collapsing” in the president’s campaign headquarters in Chicago, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.


Alex Okrent was a veteran of two earlier Obama campaigns, having worked on the president’s 2008 campaign, and his 2004 Senate bid before that. Okrent was employed in the campaign’s paid media department at the time of his death.

Anyone else drop dead in the Obama Camp?

[youtube_sc url=”http://youtu.be/b8qKa0YJS-4″]

Donald Young- Multiple gunshot wounds. December 23 2007

Larry Bland-  Single gunshot to back of head.  November 17, 2007

Nate Spencer-  Reportedly died of septicemia, pneumonia, and HIV. December 26, 2007



[youtube_sc url=”http://youtu.be/LvVEzb0edPE”]

Larry Sinclair wrote this book…


Lawrence Sinclair-  Killed by hit and run driver.  November 13, 2011.

Standing next to Barrack Obama seems to be almost as dangerous as standing next to Bill Clinton.





Don’t You Wish He was Your Boss?

Virgin Airlines CEO , Sir Richard Branson made a bet with Air Asia owner   Tony Fernandes.  They had wagered on which one of the their Formula One racing teams would cross the line first in their debut season of the 2010 Formula One Grand Prix, in Abu Dhabi.  The loser would have to serve as a flight attendant on board the winner’s airline.  “It’s true we both had Grand Prix teams and I was absolutely certain that I was going to win, and I thought it would look very fetching for Tony to be in a Virgin Atlantic stewardess outfit,” Branson said.
“Something went wrong,” he added.

Legs shaved? Check  Lipstick applied? Check.  True to his bet, Branson suited up in Air Asia livery and served coffee, did the preflight safety briefing and made flight announcements on a regular flight  from Perth to Kuala Lumpur.  Flight   D7 236, airfare $522 for a round trip.

Fellow attendants donned blonde wigs in solidarity with their new “Hostie”.

“As Tony said we had a fun day, glad to have got his bet over and done with, and I’m looking forward to getting back into my own clothes,” Branson said.
The event also raised money for Starlight Children Foundation.







That’s Dick serving winner Tony.


Drink trays can be tricky to carry. Especially at 30,000 feet.


OOPS!! Sorry Tony.


No hard feelings. It’s all good.


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