Tempest in a Taco

teresa taco

The folks over at autostaddle.com gave Seth Rogan’s movie Sausage Party a good review. Specifically highlighting Salma Hayek describing her role as “a Surprisingly Endearing Lesbian Taco”.


Then all Hell Broke loose. Autostraddle unwisely chose a white straight woman to write the review. Latinos and Latinas screamed racism. Then Latinxs (yes that’s a new word) were pissed that the taco wasn’t bisexual. When selecting positive reviews of the movie they chose the opinion of mainstream newspapers and websites and didn’t specifically seek out reviews written by women of color, generally; or Latina women, specifically.

The Apology

Yvonne was the Straight, White, Woman who wrote the review.

A note from Yvonne: I want to apologize to our Latinx readers specifically because I could’ve stopped this from happening, especially when I recognized the red flags and didn’t stop to question them. I knew the taco was a racist caricature but attributed it to a systemic problem in media that wasn’t necessarily our problem. But it became our problem when we used our voice as a queer publication to write a positive review of that racist caricature and perpetuated a racist narrative for the sake of the queer representation in the film. I was wrong for not stopping this immediately, especially when it deeply effects my own people. I’m a Latina and I’m also susceptible to the racist, oppressive system we live in. I know how incredibly challenging it is to find genuine Latinx representations in media and I’m sorry I was a disservice to Latinxs by not demanding better. These aren’t our stories and we deserve better. I’m deeply shamed by this deplorable mistake and I will definitely learn from this and make sure I can provide the best representation for people of color going forward.


The Ultimate Guide to Sexual Orientations

We at the Lucky Puppy reach out to other viewpoints with acceptance, understanding, Love without judgement or criticism.

Heterosexual- Attracted to members of the opposite sex.

Homosexual- Attracted to members of the same sex.

Bisexual- Attracted to members of both sexes.

Androsexual- Attraction to men.

Asexual- Not attracted to any sex.

Cissexual- Sexual orientation is assigned at birth.

Demisexual- Attracted sexually only in romantic relationships.

Gynosexual- Attracted to the female genitalia.

Intersexual- Having both male and female genitalia. Formerly known as “hermaphrodite”.

Metrosexual –A man with a strong aesthetic sense who spends more time, energy, or money on his appearance and grooming than is considered gender normative.

Polysexual- Being in sexual and romantic relationships with multiple consenting partners.

Romantisexual- Attracted to another person without sexual desire.

Skoliosexual- Attracted to physically handicapped people.

Transsexual – A person who identifies psychologically as a gender/sex other than the one to which they were assigned at birth.

Coquendamsexual- Sexually attracted to the act of cooking.

Zoosexual- Attracted to animals.

Furnisexual- Attracted to furniture.

Patiosexual- Attracted to patio furniture.

Aquasexual- Sexually attracted to relationships in water.

Pedosexual- Attracted to younger consenting partners.

Geezersexual- Attracted to old people.

Petasexual- In a romantic, sexual relationship with a house pet.

Pansexual- Sexually attracted to pots and pans.

Bibliosexual- Sexually attracted to books.

Lucasexual- Sexually aroused by Star Wars movies.

Arachnisexual- Sexually attracted to spiders.

Serpasexual- Sexually attracted to snakes.

Ludibrisecual- Sexually attracted to toys.

Coriosexual- Sexually attracted to leather.

Polypusexual- Sexually attracted to octopi.

Batnoirsexual- Sexually attracted to Batman.