Quotes from Michelle Obama’s Role Model


michelle-dickMichelle “Mike” Obama has named this person as a “One and only Queen Bee.  Thank you for being a role model for young girls around the world”

Here are some quotes from the Queen Bee:

  • Can you lick my Skittles, it’s the sweetest in the middle
  • Pink is the flavor, solve the riddle
  • I can’t wait till I get home so you can turn that cherry out
  • First both of my legs go back on your head, and whatever you want, yeah baby, I’m bad
  •  Yeah, he’s so horny he wants to fuck
  • He popped all my buttons and he ripped my blouse
  • He Monica Lewinsky-ed all on my gown
  • Hand prints and good grips on my ass
  • Gimme that daddy long stroke
  • I’m gonna kiss up and rub up and feel up.Kiss up and rub up and feel up on you.
  • I’m into havin’ sex, I ain’t into makin’ love
  • So come gimme a hug, if you into gettin’ rubbed
  • Goddamn, she murdered everybody and I was her witness
  • Middle fingers up, put them hands high

Michelle had tears in her eyes when she told America how horrible Donald Trump is.  Fuck that.  We’re electing a President not a husband.  Speaking of husbands, has Bill Clinton raped anyone this week?  He’s the real low-life shit in this election.

I’ll let the Loyal Readers name who this “Role Model” is and feel free to add more quotes.





Moveon.org Propaganda Aimed at Alarming Women

If Obama’s spending is running America’s car off the road, the Republicans are grabbing the wheel and trying to steer us away from a crash. Moveon.org’s “List” is like Obama screaming “THEY’RE NOT LETTING ME DRIVE!!!!”

Moveon.org’s Top 10 Shocking Attacks from the GOP’s War on Women

1) Republicans not only want to reduce women’s access to abortion care, they’re actually trying to redefine rape. After a major backlash, they promised to stop. But they haven’t yet. Shocker.
The provision would redefine rape in order to close a loop hole which would allow teenagers to get federally funded abortions. Teens would not be denied abortions, they would just have to pay for them.

2) A state legislator in Georgia wants to change the legal term for victims of rape, stalking, and domestic violence to “accuser.” But victims of other less gendered crimes, like burglary, would remain “victims.”

The ACLU has forced media to  use the terms “Alledged” and “Suspect” in crimes. This would change “victim” to “accuser” until guilt has been determined. We’re still innocent until proven guilty in this country, right?

3) In South Dakota, Republicans proposed a bill that could make it legal to murder a doctor who provides abortion care. (Yep, for real.)

Really? How about justifiable homicide while defending a pregnant women from a violent assault that if continued would harm or kill the unborn child? How many states have provisions that prosecute the murder of the unborn fetus when the woman has been murdered. Abortion procedures were never included in the bill’s language.

4) Republicans want to cut nearly a billion dollars of food and other aid to low-income pregnant women, mothers, babies, and kids.

The money to pay for the Stimulus Package has to come from somewhere. NASA, Defense, the FBI, Nuclear power, local police and AMTRACK were also cut. Maybe the Stimulus should’ve  funded low income women instead of the banks, the democrats chose?

5) In Congress, Republicans have a bill that would let hospitals allow a woman to die rather than perform an abortion necessary to save her life.

No, no,no! The ACLU is quibbling with the language of the bill and wants an “Inability” to perform an abortion to state and mean an “Unwillingness” to perform an abortion. It’s the ACLU that’s toying with the life and death of women, not the hospitals nor the legislation. The Hippocratic Oath still means something in this country.

6) Maryland Republicans ended all county money for a low-income kids’ preschool program. Why? No need, they said. Women should really be home with the kids, not out working.

What was said was that if more kids were in families that had better incomes (where Moms could stay at home) or even TWO-INCOME families rather than single Moms, money COULD be reduced for preschool programs.

7) And at the federal level, Republicans want to cut that same program, Head Start, by $1 billion. That means over 200,000 kids could lose their spots in preschool.

Welcome to the real world. The Obama Stimulus has placed the Federal Government in a position that it can’t afford to do everything it has in the past.

8) Two-thirds of the elderly poor are women, and Republicans are taking aim at them too. A spending bill would cut funding for employment services, meals, and housing for senior citizens.

Obamacare will eliminate these senior citizans anyway so they won’t need employment, housing or food. Problem solved.

9) Congress just voted for a Republican amendment to cut all federal funding from Planned Parenthood health centers, one of the most trusted providers of basic health care and family planning in our country.

Good! Isn’t Obamacare supposed to provide said health care?

10) And if that wasn’t enough, Republicans are pushing to eliminate all funds for the only federal family planning program. (For humans. But Republican Dan Burton has a bill to provide contraception for wild horses. You can’t make this stuff up).

Obama’s Social Experiment requires a broader tax base and those taxpayers aren’t going to make themselves. And yes you can (and they do) make this stuff up.