Bigfoot 911

Confronted with the unknown, unbelievable or unbelievably scary, some folks dial 911.

Homeless folks rarely call 911.  This couple did and it led to Minnow Films going to San Antonio and Rick Dyer shooting a bigfoot who was habituated to dumpster diving a strip mall Duncan Donuts.

Jerry Cline was sleeping in his camper trailer after a pleasant evening relaxing by his campfire with his dog and a few beers.
After sleeping for a short while, he was suddenly awoken by an animal violently rocking his trailer.
It was not an animal. It was 2 Sasquatch!


Jerry explains what happened.


This is the actual recording of a 911 call where a man sees a bigfoot and is scared for his life. This happened in the small rural town of Indiana Pennsylvania only miles from the IUP campus!!!


A man finds Bigfoot and is followed back to his home by the monster, it attacks the man right after it was shot twice, Gary Peterson was found two hours later with the top part of his face ripped in half leaving only the jaw still attach to the neck, the other part of his head was found outside the home mauled and disfigured. Sheriff Thompson was held under investigation by the FBI. The animal that killed Garry was never found.