Crafting Jack o Lanterns

jack o lantern

Here’s a different way to carve Jack o’ Lanterns on Family Craft Night this year.

These cute little gourds are about a Buck at Wal Mart.
A Sharpie puts a scary face on it.
SUPRISE! They’re solid Styrofoam. Cut out the face.
Trim the edges if you want to…
Carve out a cavity inside as big as you want.
Light it up with a glow stick. If the stick doesn’t fit, cut it open and pour some in.

Punkin Carving 2012

After a Hiatus in 2011, our annual punkin carving contest returns with a vengeance.

With Jamie joining in, we have four entries this year.


[youtube_sc url=”” hd=”1″]


Take a closer look.



Save this as your wallpaper.