Muslin Rage

That lightweight blouse is totally in fashion right now. #muslinrage

Fall weather means I don’t get to wear my favorite loosely-woven cotton shirt #muslinrage

This quilt backing doesn’t back this quilt to the degree I wanted! Grr! #muslinrage

This inexpensive cloth does not diffuse natural light as well as I was told! #muslinrage


In a related trend, cranky clothiers are now venting their frustrations under #muslinrage.

Polyester-rayon masquerading as pure linen. #muslinrage oh wait….

I had such a hard time draping this new pattern #muslimrage oh wait that’s #muslinrage, carry on

Spilled coffee all over the nice tablecloth my aunt made for me. #MuslinRage

When I say I want it to fit more snugly around the torso, I want it to fit more snugly around the god damn torso. #MuslinRage

Obama’s Afghan Strategy at All Time High….NOT!

Afghans showing their Love of Obama.

With Afghan crowds chanting “Death to America” and his image being burned in effigy, President Obama foreign policies have resulted in demonstrating the dynamic leadership that clearly shows why Great Leader was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

The Myth of Obama’s mere election’s improving America’s “image” in the world arena seems to burning around Barry faster than the effigies.


They Love us in India too.


Yep, that strategy worked REALLY well.

Obama supporters in Karachi, Pakistan. BOO YA!!!


We didn’t get a President on Day One, 2009 and we still don’t have one.

Why should this guy be President for four more years????