Iran Nuke Deal Dead

Vote to accept deal was defeated 161 to 59.


As Breitbart reports, “The Iranian parliament has rejected the formal, legal text of President Barack Obama’s nuclear deal, negotiated in July by the U.S., U.K., France, Germany, Russia, China and the Tehran regime.


As Breitbart further reports, Instead, the majilis approved their own version of the JCPOA, creating a situation where the Iranian government simply hasn’t signed on to the accord that Obama and Democratic Senators obligated the United States to uphold.”

Western media incorrectly reported that the majilis approved the actual text of the JCPOA, according to experts.

New York Post columnist Amir Taheri has explained in a series of social media posts that Iran’s version of the deal calls for the cancellation of sanctions against the regime in Tehran.


One again the Delusional Liar in Chief has allowed shit to fall out of his mouth and the Loonie Left has gobbled it up.

So Obama’s choices are This Deal or War with Iran.  Whatever happened to sanctions?


The REAL DEAL that the administration wants you to overlook is that there IS NO DEAL..  Iran told Obama to go fuck himself, we’ll do whatever we want.  So instead of reacting to the Iranian vote, Barry decided to pretend that an agreement had been reached and start bragging about it.

What a Leader!  What a Legacy! What a JOKE!

Seriously, is the President of the United States of America truly mentally ill?



Putin Launches ICBM

   Fox News just announced Russia has conducted an ICBM test launch.  Okay Boys and Girls, it’s on like Donkey Kong.

We always train for the last war and the next war is never like the last one.  Did you know that World War Three went by almost unnoticed?

It wasn’t like this…

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World War III

India vs. Pakistan-2001 to 2002.  The the conflict started on 13 December 2001, a cell of five armed men attacked the Indian Parliament by breaching the security cordon at Gate 12. The five men killed seven people before being shot dead by the Indian security forces.  This was after almost a year of posturing and saber rattling.

Indian Generals recommended a nuclear strike on Pakistan. A demonstration was authorized and a series of above ground nuclear detonations were conducted along the Indian/Pakistani border on the Indian side.  The intent was to intimidate the Pakis into a political solution.  The Pakistanis responded by a series of detonations of their own.

Everyone took a deep breath and cooler heads prevailed.

However, it demonstrated the how the use of nuclear weapons might be used in the future.  The THREAT of use, not the actual use was enough to sway the conflict.

Now Putin has fired a “Test Launch”.  With Russian forces occupying the Ukraine is this a good time to proceed with a “Scheduled Test”?  The test could have been postponed.  But why not.  Now is an excellent time to demonstrate that Russia’s nuclear arsenal is functional. Not a sure bet since the fall of the Soviet Union.

With Russians in the Ukraine, the Russian military conducting civil defense drills, Iranian warships positioned within striking distance of the U.S. east coast and a wonderfully weak and unstable man in the White House, this plays out like the Soviet First Strike we studied in the NCO Academy way back in 1989.

Except this is no drill.

Putin is Saber Rattling.  What will Obama do?