How to Kill that Fucking Incredibar!

It’s not good when your anti-virus keeps warning you about your start page.

I use Firefox as a browser.  Last month the folks a ATT had us fire up the Internet Explorer to fix a modem problem.  Great.  Shortly thereafter things got hinky.  Loading took for ever.  My tachometer gadget was always maxed out.  Something was desperately trying to install itself and I couldn’t figure out what.  Then McAfee started giving me the Red Warning for my Start Page of all things.  But it also told me it was that fucking Incredibar.  Don’t even google it.  It’s a viscous little hijacker of your search engines.

Threat Details:


  • hijacker
  • adware


IncrediBar is an adware toolbar that gets installed along other software. It shows advertising within Internet Explorer and Firefox and changes the default search engine and startpage.
Even uninstall does not revert changes to search engine and startpage. The Firefox addon installs without a request and does not uninstall with the Windows uninstaller and remains fully functional.

It wasn’t on the Remove Programs list.

McAffe wouldn’t kill it.

Spybot woouldn’t search and destroy it.

It was a pain in  my ass.

Googling for a way to remove it gave me a bunch of options.  After trying a couple, I found one that killed that fucker fucking dead.

But first a word from our sponsor (not really our sponsor, it just sounds cool to me):

If your a clutz at the keyboard or are clueless about how the magic under the keyboard works, go buy “Spy Hunter” and they’ll kill this bitch for you.  If you don’t have the money and REALLY want to do this….proceed.  No…wait…you’re using firefox, right? If not go to somewhere else to remove it from Chrome or Explorer. If you fuck this up, don’t blame me for your typing skills. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

Here’s what you do: But before you start, read number 10 below. Good. Now you’re being careful.

  1. Type “about:config” in your address bar.
  2. A box will open warning you that you’re about to violate the warranty of your computer.  Click “I’ll be careful. I promise!”
  3. This will open up..

Read number 10 again just to be sure.

5. If you don’t see ““, search “mystart”.

6. Right click that sum bitch.

7. If the shit is on “keyword. URL” delete the value.

8. If it’s on anything starting with “browser”, replace the value with your favorite browser.  “” works nicely.

9. Find “browser.startup.homepage“. Replace value with your start page url.

10. Lastly.  Maybe this should have been Firstly.  Don’t fuck with anything that is NOT in boldface.

Close the page. There’s no saving it.  Close and reopen Firefox.  Wa La. Incredibar dead.

If not, you missed one.  Go back and be more carefuller this time.