I’m Pissing Off Friends

I’m pissing off friends left and right. Yes I’m passionate about the direction of the Country. I’m sickened by the way the media manipulates the public opinion in order to advance the Leftist/Progressive/Communist agenda. Yes, I’m looking at you Hillary Clinton. For those who did not live through it, they do not know that The Clinton administration was the darkest time America had suffered through since Watergate. Spin masters have taught our young that it was all Goodness and Light. That the current situation is all Bush’s fault and Great Leader Obama has fought to fix everything Bush did. The reality is that the Clintons were so busy defending their illegal activities that America suffered. Terrorism grew stronger. Our economy grew weaker. The Banks became to big to fail. Bush had to fight the war that Bill Clinton laid at his feet. Bush wanted to be the Education President but became a War President to defend our Great Nation. Obama hasn’t fixed anything. He has torn down all the Good Bush did. Now a corrupt, criminal Hilary will be elected president. Yes she will be president because the dead will vote for her. Trump is not the best political choice because he is what all politicians fear. He knows their dirty little secrets. He knows where the bodies are buried. He has Hillary scared so bad that she has changed her campaign slogan from “Stronger Together” to “Donald has Potty Mouth”.

I call on each and every one of my friends to pray. Pray to whomever you see as God. Pray that God hears our prayers of contrition and showers America with His Mercy and strike down the Godless Communists who want to destroy America the Beautiful.

That Thing on Hillary’s Back

What the Hell is it? We post a possibility.  Any doctors out there? Feel free to weigh in.

We do not have a Doctor on staff.  We are trying to match possible electronics to the geometry of what we see.  Because we see her wear it during the debate, we eliminate any microphone or communications device. (wink,wink)

Medtronic Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) Therapy is a surgical treatment proven to reduce some of the symptoms associated with Parkinson’s disease.  During DBS Therapy, a small, pacemaker-like device sends electronic signals to an area in the brain that controls movement. These signals block some of the brain messages that cause annoying and disabling motor symptoms.

The Activa® PC dual-channel neurostimulator uses electrical stimulation to manage some of the most disabling motor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.  The neurostimulator is typically implanted near the collarbone.


The deep brain stimulator system has three parts that are implanted inside the body:

  • Neurostimulator – a programmable battery-powered pacemaker device that creates electric pulses. It is placed under the skin of the chest below the collarbone or in the abdomen.
  • Lead – a coated wire with a number of electrodes at the tip that deliver electric pulses to the brain tissue. It is placed inside the brain and connects to an extension wire through a small hole in the skull.
  • Extension – an insulated wire that connects the lead to the neurostimulator. It is placed under the skin and runs from scalp, behind the ear, down the neck, and to the chest.  [ed note: Could it not be down the back to the butt for esthetic reasons. Like when you’re trying hard to hide it.] Source- Mayfield Clinic.

You may be a candidate for DBS if you have:

  • a movement disorder with debilitating symptoms (tremor, stiffness) and your medications have begun to lose effectiveness.
  • troubling “off” periods when your medication wears off before the next dose can be taken.
  • troubling “on” periods when you develop medication-induced dyskinesias (excessive wiggling of the torso, head, and/or limbs).

DBS can help treat many of the symptoms caused by the following movement disorders:

  • Parkinson’s disease: tremor, rigidity, and slowness of movement caused by the death of dopamine-producing nerve cells responsible for relaying messages that control body movement.
  • Essential tremor: involuntary rhythmic tremors of the hands and arms, occurring both at rest and during purposeful movement. Also may affect the head in a “no-no” motion.
  • Dystonia: involuntary movements and prolonged muscle contraction, resulting in twisting or writhing body motions, tremor, and abnormal posture. May involve the entire body, or only an isolated area. Spasms can often be suppressed by “sensory tricks,” such as touching the face, eyebrows, or hands.
More than 100,000 people around the world have undergone DBS since it was first approved, in the 1990s, for the treatment of movement disorders. Today, besides providing relief for people with Parkinson’s disease, dystonia (characterized by involuntary muscle contractions) and essential tremor (Haning’s problem), DBS has been shown to be effective against Tourette’s syndrome, with its characteristic tics, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Add to that a wave of ongoing research into DBS’s promise as a treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder and other neuropsychiatric conditions, as well as early signs that it may improve memory in Alzheimer’s patients.
Any better ideas?  Feel free to comment.

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