“If You Like Your Health Care Plan You Can Keep It!”

Maybe you won’t like it as much now that Obamacare has kicked in. The Nevada Health Exchange has some fun “facts” you might like to know about.

Remember this?

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First Let Me Tell You a Story

In 2005 I had a “Cadillac” health plan courtesy of the Teamster’s Union.  In December of that year I underwent an emergency appendectomy.  I cut it close and infection had me in the hospital for a week.  I paid $20 for my ER visit and $296 for the surgery and hospital stay.  In 2011 the Trust Fund that services the Health Plan of Nevada policy started to change to “Get ready for Obamacare”. The day before Thanksgiving I had a nose bleed that would not stop.  I never get nose bleeds.  It scared me.  The ambulance took me to the same hospital that I went to for my surgery.  My treatment was to lay down until the bleeding stopped.  The treatment options the doctor gave me were to have cotton shoved up my nose or a cauterization procedure.   Following a prudent “do no harm” protocol we decided to wait it out.  The bleeding slowed and stopped in about an hour.  A little light headed and no worse for wear I was sent home.  That adventure cost me Three Hundred Dollars because I went to an ER instead of a primary care place because the  doctor coded me out as not having a life or death situation.  I went because I thought I was bleeding out.  I was glad that I did not.

Okay it’s now two years later and I have a primary care doctor and am getting some health issues resolved and the co pays are reasonable.  In short, I like my Health Care plan.

Here is Where It Gets Fun

I like my Plan. I don’t pay a dime for premiums on me and my wife and daughter.  My Union pays that.  But I went to the Nevada Health Exchange to ask some “What if?” questions.  I logged on to the NHE on 1 October to see what I could see and today the site is completely different. Hmmmm? But more on that later.

What if I lose my HPN care?

Right off the bat, I can’t claim my daughter on my taxes so I can’t enroll her in my Health Plan.  That immediately puts me in violation of our child custody court order for me to provide health care for my daughter. Sorry Mom.  It’s on you now.  I punched in my estimated income and got….

NHE-001I then added my wife’s income and got this…

market-rate“Market Rate”? Hmmm”  What does that mean?  Today’s NHE site says…

Market Rate: The income level you entered into the premium calculator exceeds 400% of the Federal Poverty Level.  You are not eligible for a discounted premium through the Advance Premium Tax Credit Program.

On Tuesday the NHE site listed all the Insurance companies available and HPN’s “Market Rate” was $429.23 a month for me.  Double that to cover my bride.  She called shenanigans and poked around to find premiums would cost about $841 a month for both of us.  Then she added Vision and Dental  and our smoking habit and the premiums coasted up to just shy of $1200 per month.


Fuck that. I don’t like my health plan anymore so I punched in this….

NHE-MedicaidGREAT!! Now I can sign up for food stamps and welfare.  But I probably might have to find some part time job to pay for Medicaid if that’s still around.

The Nevada Health Exchange

Remember when I said the NHE site changed from Tuesday until today?  I watched on the news and read up on the Internets that the exchanges “were having problems” nationwide.  A lot of crashes.  It was also reported that the software used to calculate the premiums was flawed and the number were wrong.  Best guess was they were coming in LOW.

I’ve poked around the site today and the list of providers is gone and there is a page where I can get help from a “Certified Application Counselor (CAC)”.

There seems to be a shortage of CAC’s now too.


Just as I was writing this post I wandered around the NHE site and did find where I could find the rates for the various health care providers available in Nevada. On the homepage under “What is New” there is a link to NevadaHealthLink.com.  There you can enroll and select a plan.  This is the link where Jamie found her numbers.

Here’s the link to the list of plans.  I clicked on a link called:

Approved 2014 Health Insurance Rates

It’s a link that appears in several places on the NHE site.  I can’t find the one that worked.  Clicking on some of the links gives you this…



Congress had to pass it to see what was in Obamacare.  You and I

have to investigate before we invest.  Whatever we do, it doesn’t look like health care will be affordable.  Please share your experience.

Are you scared now?

PS: When you put your info in, post office boxes are not acceptable.

PPS: The Nevada Health Link will be down for maintenance tonight from 10pm to 2am.



Are you Zoned for Zombies?

H. R. 3962
“To provide affordable, quality health care for all Americans and reduce
the growth in health care spending, and for other purposes.”

Other purposes in deed!

Under provisions of the Obamacare Bill (HR3962) both public and private property was zoned in regards to care for Zombism and restrictions of the growth of Zombism and Zombies specifically. Click here to read entire contents of HR3962.


20     (1) Zombie free public. Zombie services not allowed.
21     (2) Restricted Zombie public. Maximum of five(5) Zombies per block.
22     (3) Limited Zombie public. Maximum of one(1) Zombie per business location.
23     (4) Designated Zombie public. Unrestricted number of Zombies in Zoned area.
24     (5) Zombie free private. Zero (0) Zombies allowed per household.
25     (6) Restricted Zombie private. Maximum of five(5) Zombies per household.
26     (7) Limited Zombie private. Maximum of one(1) Zombie per household.
27     (8) Designated Zombie private. Unrestricted number of Zombies in household.

Read SECTION 212 in its entirety HERE.