What Happened to Harry Reid?

Do you really believe that “Pinky” got mugged by his exercise machine? Read on Loyal Reader..

It started on 1 January, 2015.

tnndjrwrjtxne61amlczWhen questioned Harry said the belt on his treadmill broke and he fell off.



Then “He fell off and tumbled into the bathroom cabinets”.

Then, “The belt on his stretching machine broke and he fell off and tumbled into the bathroom cabinets”.



Then, “The belt on his stretching rubber bands broke and he fell and tumbled into the bathroom cabinets then a weight fell on his head.”



Then, “The belt on his stretching rubber bands broke and he fell off and tumbled into the bathroom cabinets then a a barbell fell on his face.”




So if we are to believe Harry [ed. note: LOL], he was exercising in his bathroom with those stretchy rubber bands, while holding exercise weights when the bands snapped,  hitting him the eye, knocking his ass into into the cabinets and down to the mat with a TKO. He sustained a broken eye socket, bruised jaw and broken ribs in this “exercise accident”.

Picture this a minute.  Has this happened to anyone else in the history of exercise machines?

Our crack team of researchers have found this evidence.

Please note the lack of eye socket damage.  Later bruising and cracked ribs would not be evident.  From the get-go, I was thinking that Harry had crashed his car while DUI.  The injuries would be consistent with wrapping your car around a tree.


The current theory is that Pinky got an old fashioned beat down by A: The Mob or B: the Union [ed.note: Which is pretty much the same.]

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s connections to money, mob and influence in Nevada going back fifty years (fourth edition). Revelations from Reid’s first campaign manager and others paints a picture of a politician taking money on the side. Most shocking is the polygraph backed claim that Harry Reid took unreported donations from pimp Joe Conforte of the Mustang Ranch brothel in the years leading up to Reid’s time on the Nevada Gaming Commission. Conforte’s links to mob figures like Jimmy ‘the Weasel’ Fratianno and Johnny Simone mean the mob knew Reid was on the take. Also disturbing are accounts of Reid’s long friendship with a lawyer to many of the most notorious strip clubs in Las Vegas – some of whose owners just did jail time for bribery and were Reid’s political proteges. Oscar Goodman, Las Vegas Mayor and lawyer to the mob also enters the picture. Sweetheart treatment of land developers, the G-Sting scandal, fat cat campaign contributors and more taint the record of Senator Reid, one of the most powerful politicians in the U.S. and therefore the world.   –  Harry: Money, Mob & Influence In Harry Reid’s Nevada



Nevada Honor Flight Hits Barrycades

The Nevada Honor Flight of about 35 veterans of World War Two were at the World War Two memorial on Saturday. Senator Dean Heller (R) with Congressmen Steven Horsford (D) , Mark Amodei (R)and Joe Heck (R) were there to greet them.  Bob Herbert, a senior adviser to Sen. Harry Reid and deputy adjutant general in the Nevada Army National Guard, distributed U.S. Senate challenge coins with Reid’s name engraved on the back.

Isn’t that sweet?  They got a Harry Reid coin.  Reid himself was absent as was Dina Titus (D) and  Shelley Berkley (D),

Sen. Dean Heller & Rep. Mark Amodei greet veterans at the World War II Memorial.
Representative Horsford (D) speaks with World War II Veterans Ed Turken and Richard Shorr, Saturday October 12, 2013 at the World War II memorial in Washington DC.

Stormy weather did nothing to dampen the vets spirits.  It was reported that the bathrooms were still locked and the fountains were turned off.  News footage of visit shows the fountains on and it’s unclear to me whether file footage was used or someone had found the valve that turned them on.

After hearing word that temporary barricades were placed around the memorial and may have been wired shut, one vet on the bus en route to memorial said of the barricade, “We’re going to tear that damn thing down!” That was not necessary as Senator Dean Heller, along with Representatives Mark Amodei, Steven Horsford and Joe Heck were on hand making sure Park Rangers did not try to stop the veterans.

World War Two Vets Storm the Barricades