I Just Realized Something

I was just sitting here surfing and a thought came to me.  “I didn’t post something yesterday”. OMG.  Someone probably just surfed my site and thought, “The Noob hasn’t posted anything new.”

Well…how about this?  Maybe not.  There really isn’t any subject. No event to report. Nothing. No wait…

Everyone likes animal pictures.

There. Much better. Now you can think, “The Subject title is wrong”.   Can’t please everyone.

Alot of people think this site is about dogs.  It’s not about dogs.

Some people think it’s a Right Wing RADICAL , gun toting, angry war veteran looney site.

Nice Shirt

It’s not.

Most of the time.

No…most of the time I try to be funny.

Protection When You Need It

or Topical.

Check back tomorrow, maybe I’ll think of something.