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Here are some powerful arguments against gun control.

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Just Hand Over Your Gun and Everything will be All Right

The Second Amendment is not about duck hunting. It’s also not about self defense. It’s about collective defense from tyranny. The Bill of Rights were not cobbled together. They have order. Top of the list. Freedom of Speech and Religion. That’s freedom OF Religion not freedom FROM religion. It’s the Freedom to Choose. Without the Right to petition or criticize the government we are slaves to same. Separation of Church and State as interpreted today is invalid because it eliminates the ability to choose. Choose to put a nativity and see what happens. HMOs. HA! They’re very much like the Gestapo. The Second Amendment comes next to be the last defense from a tyrannical government which wants to remove the First Freedoms.

A society where only the police have guns is called a Police State. The Tenth Amendment cedes any power not specifically given to the federal government to the states. The foundation of a government by the people and for the people is strong local governments. Voting for people you personally know and they know you. School boards, municipal governments and then State government. In that when the federal government become oppressive the people of the State can bind together and defend themselves from federal intrusion. The First Defense from Tyranny. Our Civil War is the prime example. No wonder Lincoln had to suspend the Bill of Rights in order to put down the rebellion.

If you are afraid of the Patriot Act you should be terrified of FEMA which has the exact powers needed to suspend our Rights in times of “emergency”. The prime “emergency” being insurrection. Right now US Army doctrine is being put in place for such an insurrection in 2016 until 2028. Odd set of years until you think that 2016 is the end the second Obama administration and 2028 being a good year for him to retire form being President for Life. I do not think any of this is coincidence. It’s well thought planning. If you think you can defend yourself from the US Army with handguns, shotguns and deer rifles you’re kidding yourself.

Notably, it means that when we are committed to any mission along the
spectrum of conflict, we must be prepared for all forms of contact. That is, we
must be prepared for full spectrum operations. This requires an unprecedented
degree of versatility among our leaders.
―General Martin E. Dempsey,
2008 Speech at the AUSA Chapter Presidents Dinner

[read this to understand the scope of General Dempsey’s comment]

The Government wants you to be frightened enough of crime to surrender your weapon. Consider this: If you were standing with weapon drawn and your children hiding behind you. With you between your children and an armed intruder and the intruder saying “Give me your gun and no one gets hurt.” What would you do? Would you cheerfully hand him your weapon knowing in your heart he won’t hurt the kids? Or would you blow him away knowing that if you die, he dies too and your kids will survive. This what the government wants when they call for “Gun Control”. On the selection ramp of Auschwitz a Jewish woman asked an officer, “Sir, I understand we are to be gassed?” He replied, “Of course not, we are not barbarians.” Remember that every time you hear a politician say “Just hand over your gun and everything will be all right.”

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