Adventures in Facebook

This post should have probably been titled “Facebook Bullshit”, but I didn’t want to violate their “Community Standards”.  As you may or not know, I’ve been thrown into Facebook Jail…..twice.  The first time for this bullshit: So I did my time and was released.  I cheerfully posted my return on the groups I’ve created and host.  

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Canadian Meme Ay


So Fuckbook blocked me for spamming my own groups.

I posted this meme and was promptly thrown back into Facebook jail.

I appealed my being blocked from posting and this is the bullshit reply sent by Facebook.

Yeah, that’s offensive. I posted it on Super Politically Incorrect. I’ve recently come to the conclusion that people don’t read or comment on this here blog because it’s offensive.  Fuck you and your weak, girly feelings.  I’ve have embraced my new found offensiveness and revenue for this blog has jumped. [ed note: Click on the ads, even if you do not buy anything, they still pay me a dime.]

I realize that Facebook has kids as members.  I personally don’t like seeing butt fucking porn on Facebook either.  However some in the community “report” posts that they feel personally offended by.

Like this one.
…or this one.

When I post on Facebook, I usually use a meme.  For complicated answers, I post a link to this blog.

Like this one.
Like this one.


…or this one.
…or even this one.

I’ve been been using these memes for years and Facebook hasn’t batted an eyelash.  Especially the last one which I post on proLGBT groups and sites. [ed note:hmmmmm?] But posting a picture of my grandson sitting on my lap is nudity.  Give me a fucking break.

I’ve been using facebook advertising for years to increase readership.  My current budget is $100 for the Christmas Season.  In one of my replies to Facebook, I threatened to pull my ads.  Let’s see how fast they unblock me from my current 14 day Facebook Jail Term.

So if by now you haven’t noticed I’ve declared war on facebook; I’ve declared war on facebook.  Let the Comment Section have some time to load and post a fucking comment on how you feel about this Facebook bullshit.  You can even post a comment with your Facebook account, if you dare.  I’ll be sending the post to my Facebook friends and hope you will share this post and have it plastered all over Facebook.


They didn’t like this one either.