They Can Call Me Anything

granpaandgranmagunsI just want to be alive when the grandkids start talking.

We have  discussed Baby names that should not be used.  With impending Grandparenthood barreling down on the family, names for the new Grandparents are being chosen.

Right off the bat these are already been claimed: Meemaw, Pawpaw, Grandpa, Grandma, Grammy, Buddy, Pops and Gran.

Now let’s eliminate alternatives.  Yes, these names have been used by some abusive family, somewhere.

Ammo- Kinda cute but no.  Grandmother is not going to be called AMMO unless she loaded bombs for the Air Force.

Babushka– No, it’s not Polish for Grandmother. It’s Polish for “head scarf.” Move on.

Banana and Papaya– Let’s just ban all fruits now.  In fact, all references to food.

Bubba: No.

Cracker: No (see above).

Go-Go: The cat was named Go-Go. That name is retired.

Grandpa – Las Vegas and Grandma – Phoenix-  While Teutonically efficient, we’ll skip these please.

Grootvader- Actually from the Dutch, but no for obvious reasons.

Groot- Jamie just nominated that for me.  Hmmmmm?  I’ll think about it.

Hoosier-  Go ahead and combine that with Dad and Mom and see what the kids will be saying at Open House.  Apparently it stems from a Family name being used. Maybe they were Yankees?

Mamoo:  While from Irish origin, sounds too much like Shamu.

Poop: No. Well, maybe but only if I get to call the little rug rat “Little Shit”.  On second thought let’s eliminate all bodily functions.

Helpful Suggestions

Tunkasila- Lakota Sioux for Grandfather.


Grossvater und Grossmutter- If you’re going German, go big or stay home.

Granpapa and Granmama-  The kids call me Papa.  This is the logical extension.




Feel free to put suggestions both pros and cons in the comments..