Jack Tilley, a Sergeant Major of the Army, was with a group of people who recently were visiting wounded soldiers at Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington, DC. He saw a Special Forces soldier who had lost his right hand and suffered severe wounds of his face and side of his body. Sgt. Tilley wanted to honor him and show him respect without offending, but what can you say or do in such a situation that will encourage and uplift? How do you shake the right hand of a soldier who has none? He decided to act as though the hand was not missing and gripped the soldiers wrist while speaking words of comfort and encouragement to him.

However, there was another man in the group who knew exactly what to do. This man reverently took the soldier’s stump of a hand in both of his hands, bowed at the bedside, and prayed for him. When he finished the prayer he stood up, bent over the soldier, kissed him on the head, and told him that he loved him.

Sgt. Tilley was awed by the powerful expression of love for one of our wounded heroes he was witnessing! “What a beautiful Christ-like example!” he thought, moved to tears. What kind of a man would do such a thing?

It was the wounded man’s Commander-In-Chief, George W. Bush, President of The United States.

This eyewitness account was told by Sergeant Major Jack Tilley at a Soldiers Breakfast at Red Stone Arsenal, AL, and recorded by Chaplain James Henderson, who was stationed there. Pass it on…. the PRESS WON’T!!!!!!

Never Discuss Science with a Kid.

You never know where it might lead. My seven year old daughter, Rosie asked where do falling stars hit when they fall? I said, “Stars don’t fall, what you see is a meteor.”

Things then went all to hell.
Rosie: “What’s a meteor?”
Dad: “A rock.”

Rosie:”What happens when it hits?”
Dad: “How big a rock?”
Rosie: “As big as a house.”
Dad: “Everything dies.”
Rosie: “Even your friend, if they live on the other side?”
Dad: “Yep.”
Rosie: “I don’t think that would happen.”
Dad: “It already has.”
Dad: “Have you ever seen a living dinosaur?”
Rosie: “Yes. No wait a minute, no.”
Dad: “A meteor killed them all.”
Rosie: “All of them?”
Dad: “Yes.”
Rosie: “Did it kill everything?”
Dad: “Yes.”
Rosie:”Then why are we here?”
Dad:”Well, it didn’t kill everything.”
Rosie: “What was alive?”
Dad: “Little furry animals.”
Rosie: “Did the little animals grow up to be us?”
Dad: “Yes.”
Rosie: “Were they little monkeys that grew to a bigger one, then a bigger one, then to us?”
Dad: “Something like that.”
Rosie: “Why did that happen?”

At this point she has me kind of stuck.

Dad:”Because that is what God wanted to happen.”