Father and Son See Something Bizarre

On July 27, 2016, Mark Watkins and his Dad headed out for a fishing trip.  25 Thirty miles off of Bunbury, Australia, they spotted what they at first thought was a capsized boat or even a downed  balloon.

Photo: Mark Watkins

On closer inspection and taking in the noxious smell, Watkins saw that the mystery object was a bloated whale.  Beached whales are known to bloat as they decompose but it is rare to find one at sea that is yet to explode.  After taking a few pictures, the fishermen hauled ass lest they be showered with whale guts.

Photo: Mark Watkins
Different whale and different white shark, but this is the gist of what was happening. Click to enlarge.
Different whale and different white shark, but this is the gist of what was happening. Click to enlarge.

White sharks were seen feeding on the carcass.  Research has shown that floating whale carcasses are a White Shark singles bar.  After feeding their fill, the sharks are docile enough for mating to occur.  When Watkins returned, the sharks had deflated the whale.

When they returned the whale was deflated. Photo: Mark Watkins (sorry Corey)

The species of the whale was not officially identified, but the texture of its belly suggests it was most likely a humpback or southern right whale(Mother Nature Network).

Those of you with weak, girly feelings, AVERT YOUR EYES.


Deep Sea Fishing

Monterey Bay, 1969– Mom loved to fish so we fished a lot.  One weekend we joined a charter and went on a three hour cruise of Monterey  Bay.  I was terrified.   It was a tiny boat.  To use the bathroom, you had to use the tiny gunnel and inch your way to the bow.  There I was, on a six inch gunnel between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea.

That’s me. Terrified, not gonna pee me.


There’s Dad in his cool pose. He always tried for the cool pose.
Here’s my catch.


We were fishing for Lingcod  A prehistoric throw back of a fish.  Boring to fish because all it did was back  pedal when hooked. It didn’t taste good either.

The highlight  of the trip was when a sea gull dive bombed my Mom’s scotch and water.  Ploop! Bull eye!  She didn’t even notice.  Swilled it right down.  It was a miracle I didn’t puke.

And you wonder why I’m weird.  Just wanted to share.