According to an NBC News, Donald Trump, accompanied by select members of his cabinet, toured a chem trail outfitted dispersal airplane at Andrews Air Force Base yesterday afternoon.

President trump given tour of Boeing 767 configured for Chem Trail operations.

As the partial government shut down stretched to historic length, President Trump offered solutions to end the deadlock.  Vowing to end expensive and pointless programs, the $7 billion OPERATION MYSTIC MIST is on the chopping block.

President Trump read a prepared statement in front of a converted Boeing 767.

“Today marks a great day for our country where we turn our backs on the secret poisoning of our skies and look to a great new future with better roads, a secure electrical grid, and a great wall to protect us from Mexico.”

Anonymous White House sources revealed that MYSTIC MIST and other similar black programs have been in progress since the late 1980’s.  The chem trail Boeing 767 is but one of a variety of airborne platforms used.

Other pointless programs will be terminated:

  • $518,000 in federal grants to study how cocaine affects the sexual behavior of Japanese quails.
  • $1,4 Billion a year for 770,000 for unused and underused federal buildings.
  • The Army Corps of Engineers spends $5 billion annually constructing dams and other water projects that are not necessary or fictitious to ensure the line item budget for the  Army Corps of Engineers is not reduced.


Senator Tom Coburn Publishes Wastebook 2013

Senator Tom Coburn, R-Okla., publishes his “Wastebook” every year to highlight how the federal government wastes YOUR money.



The cost to build is estimated at $379 million so far.The total amount to be spent nationally on publicity,marketing and advertising will be at least $684 million. That would be roughly 2.1 million dollar for each man, woman and child in America if they paid us directly.

Facebook got a tax rebate of 295 Million.


NASA hired “pillownauts” the space agency  to lie around in bed and do nothing for 70 days. They also spent 3 Million to study not Mars but how Congress works. $125,ooo went to trying to make edible pizza from a 3D printer. This is real folks.

The Space Shuttle was cancelled due to funding but NASA spent $390,000 to produce a series of fairly racist videos about “THE GREEN NINJA”.  Touted as the new Smokey the Bear the Green Ninja is supposed to inspire kids to tackle climate change.

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In an episode of The Green Ninja Show uploaded to YouTube on November 5, 2013, the Green Ninja teams up with Dr. Burrito to teach kids that vegetarian burritos are more environmentally-friendly than those with beef. The episode had under 500 views one month after it was uploaded.

The Popular Romance Project has received nearly $1 million (974k)  from the federal government promote  romance novels. The project also researched which was better “Team Edward” or “Team Jacob” and the song “Call me, maybe”.

The Army spent $10 million to subsidize the promotion of Superman with the hopes of enlisting new recruits.


The Army spent 297 Million on a blimp that never made it to Afghanistan.  The aircraft fell behind schedule, became 12,000 pounds overweight and was ultimately canceled after just one test flight.

Army’s one and only “Battle Blimp” only flew in New Jersey.


The military has decided to  destroy more than $7 billion worth of equipment in Afghanistan rather than sell it or ship it home.

17.5 Million dollars in tax breaks for brothels in Nevada.  Brothels can take deductions for groceries, “salaries and wages of prostitutes, rent, utilities and taxes and licenses.”  The Mustang Ranch brothel, which was Nevada’s oldest, reduced its income tax liability by also deducting costs of “promotion,” which included “free passes.” Workers are also allowed business deductions. “Breast implants and…costumes” have also been ruled allowable deductions by the Internal Revenue Service .  Workers can also deduct the cost of “specialized equipment.” [ed. note: Thank you Harry “Pinkey” Reid]

The National Technical Information Service spent 50 Million dollars for a website that is required by law to be largely self-sustaining,  and charges other federal agencies to access its collection of reports. This access are links to Google.

googlethatHere’s the link. Give us a twenty.

Federal Aviation Administration   paid 3.5 Million dollars to install solar panels on the parking garages at the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport in New Hampshire.  According to estimates provided by airport officials, however, the solar panels may never recoup their costs to install. Operating at full capacity, the solar panels might save the airport as much as $100,000 annually in electricity costs, and only $2 million “over the 25 year life of the project. What difference does it make?  The panels were shut down and covered because glare from them was blindly air traffic controllers and pilots trying to land.


The Air Force spent 631.4  Million dollars to buy 21 C-27J  transport planes from Italy.  Half the fleet has been mothballed and the other half destroyed without a single sortie being flown.

The USAF has been flying the C-27 since 2007 but didn’t ask for nor saw a need for the latch batch ordered by the DoD.


The United States Marina Corps did not want a state of the art headquarters facility built in Afghanistan and they said so back in 2007.  The DoD spent 34 Million dollars to build it anyway.  Now completed and NEVER occupied it will be destroyed or turned over to the Afghan government because it is sited OUTSIDE of the USMC security zone.


1.5 MILLION dollars for one (just one) bus stop in Arlington, Virginia.  It features a heated bench and the sidewalk is heated.  It has it’s own wifi hot spot and is of course it’s solar powered. But… the stop can service two buses at the same time BUT the stop can shelter only 15 people.  Shelter is a play on words because snow accumulates on the benches and the there is an etched glass wind break that doesn’t keep the wind off of riders. The roof is also made of etched glass and does nothing in the shade department.   It also has a high tech video display for advertising that fails in high heat.  The Arlington County Board of Directors called shenanigans before the second one was built.  If all 21 proposed stops were built it would have dropped the cost to ONLY $904,000 per stop.  They kept the 6.5 million dollar balance of federal funds.



You can read the full “Wastebook” report here. Comment on your favorite.