How to succeed at Farmville 2 without cheating.

FV2 Lucky Farms 151



Your land is your most valuable asset.  Make sure that all of your land and water plots are growing something.  On your water plots grow stuff that you might not need right now.  Later you can dry them as you need them which is faster than the growing and drying process.

Combine your trees into groves as soon as possible.  Upgrade these groves as fast as you can.

Build and upgrade water plots.

Complete your orders as soon as possible so you can collect favors for upgrades.

FV2 family


The work force are your Sweetie and the Kids.  Train them up as soon possible.  Their lazy little fucks if they don’t have anything to do so train them in all tasks quickly.  If you are building a new project, use the family members to get you stuff that you lack.



  1. Complete your orders.
  2. Train your people.
  3. Complete Special Projects
  4. Upgrade your farm.
  5. Expand your farm. Know what you need before you get there and stockpile resources to complete the upgrade orders when you get there. Google it.



Where do you get stuff you need and get it quickly?

Visit neighbors.  They are a good source of all kinds of goodies.  You can harvest their crops and get some for yourself.  You can fertilize their crops and get fertilizer.  You always get water and experience points to level up. Visit your neighbor’s FB page to pick up things you posted for.  I usually right click and open in a new tab so I can see what I got.  Liking the post seems to work as well.

Leveling up. When you get around 10,000 points o leveling up, you should think of planting and watering everything you’ve got.  Empty plots should get Raspberries or other long growing high value crops.  Remember everything gets to be harvested after you level up.  Make sure all your animals are fed, they get hungry again.  Go around and harvest all your sheds. This goes for when you are about to complete your Co Op order, everything will get harvested then as well.

flooded pasture


The Water Tower and the Windmill.  So you’re out of water?  Upgrade your Water Tower and get it instantly refilled.  The same goes for your Windmill.

MEALS Baked Eggplant is cheap to make and provides abundant meals for your work force.  Can’t grow eggplant yet?  Find something else. Custard pies work well until you can grow eggplant.  Go with what you’ve got.  Say you’ve just got done making a bunch of tortillas for a Project and now you don’t need them… Guess what’s for lunch?


CASH! So you have everything to level up expect the cash.  Here’s how to get it.  Sell off your inventory.  The antiques go first because their expensive and you never need them.  Keep an eye out for stuff you need and dump the rest.  So how to you sell 25,000 Milk.  Start the sale and then tape down your mouse button so it keeps selling.  Then go do the dishes or something and come back to see how much cash you have.  I keep a level of 10,000 of Milk. 2500 horseshoes.  Everything else I keep at 1000.  KEEP ALL THE FISH YOU HAVE!  They’re too hard to come by.


FISH.  Keep your water plots fertilized and growing at all times.  Watercress seems to produce bait in a reasonable time frame.  Experiment to find other water crops that give you a bunch of bait. Fully upgrade your water plots and you can stop worrying about getting golden lures.


FEED.  At first Soy Beans is a good source of feed.  It grows fairly fast.  After that Azuki Beans do well.  In a pinch use anything at the top of the list but leave a reasonable amount for your use.  Sometimes I start at the top of the list and take 5 here and three there.


THE PASTURE- This a great resource.  When you need something, drag these bitches back out and feed them.


ELDER TREES- They take up space but don’t sell them, store them.  Like the prized animals, bring them out when you need something.



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