Grounded Again- The F-15

Much like an Undefeated Heavyweight succumbing to age rather than losing in the ring. The F-15 will be defeated by Father Time rather than in battle.

After recovering from the 3 November crash and taking to the air, the F-15 Eagle finds itself grounded again. Excluding the F-15E model, the Air Force has grounded the four earlier models.

Computer simulations by its Boeing manufacturer have cause serious concerns for the structural integrity of its backbone. Specifically the longerons that run from aft of the canopy to the tail. In a 28 November press release, Air Force officials have been quoted as saying:

“Although the longeron area was covered in general by previous inspections as a result of the November 2 mishap, technical experts with the Warner Robins Air Logistics Center, assisting in the Accident Investigation Board, have recommended a specific inspection of the suspect area based on the recent findings. Manufacturer simulations have indicated a catastrophic failure could result in this particular area.”

It’s Groundhog Day for the F-15 fleet as it awaiting completion of the emergency inspections.


The Four things a Wingman is authorized to say are:
1. “Two”.
2. “Two is BINGO fuel.”
3. “Lead is on fire.”
4. “I’ll take the fat one”.

The Four things an Assistant Crew Chief is authorized to say are:
1. “I already fixed that.”
2. “I’ll stay late.”
3. “I’m going for beer.”

4. “I’ll take the fat one.”