God Bless the 37th TFW Officers Wives Club

When the 37th Tactical Fighter Wing deployed to Desert Storm 247 people went through the DT’s.

Life on the Tonopah Test Range was harsh.  Stuck in the middle of a God forsaken desert for a week at a time, Team Stealth partied hard.  When you walked through the doors of the Rec Center you were in a hallway.  The  Weight room was on the right and the Bar was on the right.  You were always confronted with the dilemma.  Should I get work out and then get drunk or should I get drunk and then fuck around with the rowing machines.  You had to prove to the pool room monitor that you were sober before they’d let you swim in the Olympic sized stainless-steel swimming pool.



Saudi Arabia’s no alcohol policy caused some problems and sparked creativity.  One gentleman got a kidney infection when he downed three cases of O’Doul’s non-alcoholic beer.  We personally celebrated New Years’ with Nyquil.  Might I recommend the Green with Seven-Up on ice.


One night found me at ops.  A pilot noticed that my morale needed a boost and took mercy on me.  “Here son, let me show you something”.  He took me into a small room.  A couple of table and chairs. A fridge stocked with sodas.  One whole wall was cabinets.  Just when I thought I might be offered a blowjob, he closed the door and said, “Turn around.”

The back of the door was completely covered in porn.  Lots of playboy and “action” shots.

“We call this the “What are We Fighting for Wall.”, he said.

“Are you thirsty?”

With that he slid back the bottom cabinet.  There were two shelves inside.  One had twelve feet of bottles of Scope mouthwash.  Bottom had 12 feet of Listerine.

“What’ll you have.  Vodka or Scotch.”


They were sending care packages to the fighter pilots they loved so far away.

The Scope bottles had vodka with green food coloring.  The Listerine bottles, scotch and water.

I had one scotch and water and coke……on ice.





Cafepress is Shadowing Blocking Me

Cafepress will not publish anything that has been on the Internets, or copyrighted or images of celebrities.

A “pending” image is one they’ve blocked, pending you removal of the offending image.  Sure some are legit, but take a look at some of these:

The F-117, F-4 and F-16 are all my original artwork. Apparently, they don’t support people who are anti-white racists (the BBQ police).
The MQ-1’s are original artwork. Apparently, cafepress is anti-military. There are no copyrights on military patches. I checked.
Two ,more original paintings. Cafepress is anti-gun. You can’t even be a father if you’re holding a gun. Yeah, that’s original too.
More anti-military stuff and you can’t like Snookie either.

Now it gets good and shows why I think they are shadow banning me.  These are ones I actually sold.  But when I made too much money or attracted too much attention, they were banned. “The Seven Deadly Sins” was a special order for a ping pong team.  That order was cancelled, but this image became one of my best sellers.  Why was it banned? Who knows? You tell me.


This one is my favorite.  I  have  100’s of requests for this one.  In fact I’m looking for a company to make a real patch for something less than an arm and a leg.  As you can see, I’ve sold at least one.  Actually, about a dozen.  But then, cafepress suddenly bans it.



So I asked them what was being blocked and why.


Yeah, but why?
It’s an F-117 not a B-2. Nice try.

I’ve pointed out their copyright infringements.

Then there’s the “Marketplace”.. That’s where Cafepress sells your stuff and instead of getting four bucks a sale they pay you pennies.


Surprise, surprise!  I sell art on another site.  Along with selling quality art products, they also let you sell shirts and cups and stuff.  Much better quality and easier for me to get it to my customers.

Instead of this one…..

Try this one.


Click to buy.

When the first person buys the “Radio Baghdad” cup, it’s off to the races and I’ll shift over.  If you order from my cafepress site, leave what happened in the comments and I’ll put what you wanted on the Art site.


Any one who becomes my Patron for $20 or more per month, I will send you a free “Radio Baghdad” cup.