I’m Pissing Off Friends

I’m pissing off friends left and right. Yes I’m passionate about the direction of the Country. I’m sickened by the way the media manipulates the public opinion in order to advance the Leftist/Progressive/Communist agenda. Yes, I’m looking at you Hillary Clinton. For those who did not live through it, they do not know that The Clinton administration was the darkest time America had suffered through since Watergate. Spin masters have taught our young that it was all Goodness and Light. That the current situation is all Bush’s fault and Great Leader Obama has fought to fix everything Bush did. The reality is that the Clintons were so busy defending their illegal activities that America suffered. Terrorism grew stronger. Our economy grew weaker. The Banks became to big to fail. Bush had to fight the war that Bill Clinton laid at his feet. Bush wanted to be the Education President but became a War President to defend our Great Nation. Obama hasn’t fixed anything. He has torn down all the Good Bush did. Now a corrupt, criminal Hilary will be elected president. Yes she will be president because the dead will vote for her. Trump is not the best political choice because he is what all politicians fear. He knows their dirty little secrets. He knows where the bodies are buried. He has Hillary scared so bad that she has changed her campaign slogan from “Stronger Together” to “Donald has Potty Mouth”.

I call on each and every one of my friends to pray. Pray to whomever you see as God. Pray that God hears our prayers of contrition and showers America with His Mercy and strike down the Godless Communists who want to destroy America the Beautiful.

Was Hillary Rushed to Chelsea’s Apartment?

The answer will surprise you.


Hillary Clinton collapses at the 9/11 ceremony in NYC…and is shoved, unconscious, by the Secret Service into a van (or private ambulance, take your pick) like a side of beef and rushed off, not to one of the many world-class hospitals and clinics nearby…but to her daughter’s $11M apartment.  Sound odd? It did to me.  So I looked up a bit about Chelsea’s new apt.


Does Chelsea even live there?

I discovered that it  shares the exact same  address with:
METROCARE HOME SERVICES, INC. 21 East 26th Street, 4th Fl New York, NY 10010
SAME address..SAME Floor…only One Apt. per floor.

The crack investigative team here at The Lucky Puppy called the number provided.

(212) 689-7000

After being immediately transferred to an extension we had this informative conversation.


For a woman very secretive about her ambiguous medical conditions…whom avoids hospitals like the plague, it occurred to me that when the Clinton’s bought this incredibly expensive apartment for their daughter in 2013…they may have also purchased it with the intent of using it as a secret private medical treatment facility for Hillary to use during her anticipated campaign.

To the press, it would only appear Hillary was just dropping in for a visit with her daughter.  When, in reality she is receiving medical treatment and controlled substances from private physicians and private pharmacists  on private property (no need for disclosure).

If so, Chelsea’s “apartment” served it’s secret purpose flawlessly.

It makes sense that to establish a clandestine medical treatment facility in a residential apartment–one which is legally compliant with the controlled substances dispensing/stocking/delivery & shipping requirements…and one which is able to legally supply and treat a private patient with the drugs needed, one would also have to register the address as a medical treatment facility.

In this case, I would assume the Clinton Foundation would be the controlling entity.

A staff private doctors and pharmacists would then be employed  to legally treat the patient, practice medicine within the confines of the private residence and dispense drugs to that private patient without any disclosure.

This medical facility, while legally registered as a public care facility  would also have to be closed to the public in order to operate without any disclosure.

THIS is exactly what appears to be taking place at 21 East 26th Street, 4th Fl., New York, NY.