Our Top Ten April Fools Day List

#10- Climate Expert Al Gore Announces that Global Warming is Our Fault.

#9- Congressional Budget for 2014 Features Massive  Cuts in Actual Spending.

#8- Senator John Kerry Appointed as Secretary of State.

#7- Michele Obama Presents Oscar for Best Picture of 2013.

#6- Supreme Court Rules Obamacare Constitutional..

#5-  Obama Announces End of Terrorism.

#4-  Benghazi Survivors ‘Told to Be Quiet’ by Obama Administration.

#3-  President Obama Issues Executive Order Eliminating Private Gun Ownership.

#2- Vice President Biden Announces Intention to Run for Presidency in 2016.

#1-  White House Hosts Annual Easter Egg Roll the Day After Easter.

We Color Easter Eggs 2013

We take our Easter Egg coloring high tech for 2013.

Last year we were coloring eggs the traditional way.  Dipping and coloring with crayons.  Drawing with crayon and them dipping. Then dipping again.  The dipping got out of hand again and we had strange, co-mingled colors and it was the usual mess.  On a couple eggs, Sharpies were used for accents and faces.


This year we went Whole Hog Sharpie. Wadda ya think?


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