Trump Goes to Iraq

President Trump and the First Lady visited U.S. troops in Iraq on the day after Christmas.  Like Presidents Bush and Obama before him, he flew in unannounced.  Unlike the previous Presidents, the First Lady accompanied him.  Melania’s visit was a bold yet subtle statement of the safety and stability in the region.  She did not dodge sniper fire.


Trump Tweets Plan to Destroy ISIS

President-Elect Trump reveals a Top Secret Bio-War project aimed at destroying ISIS.


The Department of Defense in concert with Homeland Security, the Central Intelligence Agency and the Center of Disease Control have been developing a Bio-weapon to be deployed  against the Terrorist organization ISIS.


Code named OPERATION LONELY GOAT, the program targets ISIS terrorists’ fondness for goats as sexual partners.


Research has centered on selecting a viable breed of goat that will act as a carrier of the AIDS virus without doing any harm to the goat.  Simultaneously a fast acting weaponized version of the AIDS virus is ready for deployment.