The 2020 Election

The people of the United States are getting a massive lesson in how the U.S. Constitution works and how Presidents are elected. In every Presidential election many things happen from election day to inauguration day.

Recapping what has happened since November 3rd:

When everyone went to bed on the Third, President Trump was stomping the dog shit out of his opponent. When we woke up on the 4th, the lead had switched and Vice-President Biden was over the 270 electoral votes and many media outlets declared him the winner. This jump in votes is statistically impossible. In addition to the math, the ballot counting machines could not process that many votes in that amount of time.

for example

The States have until the 10th of December to certify their election. The State Election Board certifies the vote totals and the Legislature then exercises it’s Constitutional Right to nominate electors to the Electoral College.

The Electoral College then meets, tallies the votes and reports this to the House of Representatives. The House then announces the name of the next President. If the Electoral College is tied, the House itself votes for the President with each State getting one vote.

There has been wide spread fraud committed by the Democratic Party

Lawsuits have been filed on behalf of President Trump that question the validity of State elections.

The contested States are in Gray.

At least 80 electoral votes are still up for grabs. I will continue to update our map as events unfold. My Parler account documents the fight for these votes. Please visit and comment. I’ve written this post on the fly and welcome opposing views where my “facts” are a little shaky.