Crafting Jack o Lanterns

jack o lantern

Here’s a different way to carve Jack o’ Lanterns on Family Craft Night this year.

These cute little gourds are about a Buck at Wal Mart.
A Sharpie puts a scary face on it.
SUPRISE! They’re solid Styrofoam. Cut out the face.
Trim the edges if you want to…
Carve out a cavity inside as big as you want.
Light it up with a glow stick. If the stick doesn’t fit, cut it open and pour some in.

We Color Easter Eggs 2013

We take our Easter Egg coloring high tech for 2013.

Last year we were coloring eggs the traditional way.  Dipping and coloring with crayons.  Drawing with crayon and them dipping. Then dipping again.  The dipping got out of hand again and we had strange, co-mingled colors and it was the usual mess.  On a couple eggs, Sharpies were used for accents and faces.


This year we went Whole Hog Sharpie. Wadda ya think?


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