Posting with a Dragon

Now Dragon can help me post articles easier and quickly.

The UPS man brought this to us this morning, it’s the Dragon speech recognition program. With it we can just dictate what we want typed and Dragon will do the typing for us. It really does seem like Star Trek, we’re talking to computers nowadays.

I seem to be getting the hang of this although sometimes Dragon can be cranky. The tutorial said that it will get better as it learns how I stalk and the way I choose my words. This will be interesting.

This is going pretty well but I’m wondering if Dragon will censor anything I say or does it just listen to my speech and dictate exactly what I say.


But this bucking bucking ship. Well that wasn’t exactly what I said, but Dragon is learning. Let’s try again: “Buck this bucking ship”.

Dragon is giving me a rational ship right now. It really doesn’t want to spell out SH I T or F you see Kay. See what I mean ?

With him to wake up as it turned office switch to the warming check dinner.

Reminder: turn off microphone when you’re trying to talk to the wife or dog. If not, everything’s going to get on the Internet. Really. No, really really embarrassing.. It seems to be auto correct from Hell. Obviously this will take more practice and work between me and Dragon. Maybe I should name the Dragon so we can be friends. What would be a good name? Feel free to leave a comment with your favorite name.

At least this is lessening the wearing terror on my fingers, it is easier than typing. It seems to work best with a combination of me talking and a little bit mouse work to point the Dragon in the right direction. Some of my readers will be greatly relieved that Dragon won’t let me cuss.

I posted today without editing to show my first post with Dragon. It looks like I need to practice the editing commands.

Click the link below and get your own copy today.  If you use MY link, will send me a couple of pennies.






I’m Back

Windows 7 gave me the Blue Screen of Death last month. I’ve been stumped ever since. The error codes say it’s a memory mangement problem. Swapped in some new RAM. Nothing. Now it’s saying I don’t have a hard drive.

Santa needs to bring a computer.

Feel free to give me any advice of hints.  I’m pretty savvy but this one has me stumped.