We’re doing a tire change for 15 Bucks.

If your Roomba just spins and spins in mindless circles, the problem might be her wheels.

We have a 700 Series Roomba and she had a case of the spins.  One wheel have zero tread and the other was completely gone.   Needless to say we had sticker shock when we when looking for new tires. If your Roomba needs a tire change here’s how. As with all directions, read all of this before you start.


Disassemble all the parts you would for a good cleaning.
Remove the side brushes.
Remove the battery.
Remove the bottom cover.
Remove three screws.
Find a RC shop and buy some wheels. 3 Inch diameter with no more than 1/4 inch tread.
I had to carve the rubber off the wheel.
Compare the wheel with the rubber.

You can get all OCD and measure the space on the wheel and mark off the tire.  I used the “Christmas Paper Method.

I eyeballed the center of the tread and then noticed the tread pattern where I’d cut.  Like Christmas paper. 

You might find extra rubber on the wheel side that will have to be trimmed.

Once again, the OCD method is to make it as flat as possible and scruff up the surface of the rubber for better adhesion.

Test fit the rubber on the wheel and make sure it fits in the lip of the wheel. Trim as required.
Use this glue. Don’t skimp.

At this point there are two schools of thought.  You can fit and glue the rubber to the wheel and not move the wheel.  Some feel than turning the wheel damages the electric motor.  While removing the old rubber from the wheel, I found out that you can turn the wheel until the cows come home. 

Apply glue to the wheel and glue the rubber on starting form the bottom.

Use drop of couple of drops, little by little until you get to the “top”.  “Top” shown above. I found the pulling the ends using Method One made for a better fit because the rubber gets skinny when you pull it and then fills the space quite nicely.

As you get to the top. Let it overlap and decide where you’ll make the final cut.

In a perfect world, the ends are cut to fit perfectly.  If you miss, pick through all that cut rubber on the table and pick a little piece that will fill the gap.


The other method of turning the wheel was what I used on the second wheel.  Scraping off the old rubber took about an hour.  But moving the wheel was much faster than Method One and did a better job of fitting and gluing. Pull the end of the rubber as you glue to make the rubber fit nicely but not too hard.  It’s not “Instant” Instant glue.  If you go with 45 second breaks between pullings you’ll be fine.

Reassemble Roomba.

HINT: We wash the roomba bin in the sink with dish soap.   Soon we’ll get brave and see if it’s dishwasher safe.  If you already know it is, leave that info in the comments below.

Don’t forget to bookmark this for the next time.  Leave comments on how your tire change went and add your hints as well.


A Plan to Change Climate Change

Climate change is a real threat to humans living here on the Good Earth.  Whether you try to reduce your carbon footprint, recycle, drive a hybrid or buy Carbon Credits individual efforts will have little or no effect at the cosmic forces at work. What we really need to do is to have the nations of the Earth to unite in the common cause to end the climate change.


The bumper sticker that says, “It’s the Sun Stupid” is essentially correct.  The Human Race that lives on this planet are basically a slimy layer of rust on  this huge ball of iron that we call Earth.  Nothing we do can affect the climate in a large enough way to have an effect be it good or bad.  The Sun at the heart of our solar system cycles through periods of increased activity producing heat here and then has periods where activity ebbs and we cool down. The Sun is a constant star when compared with many others in the galaxy. Some stars pulsate dramatically, varying wildly in size and brightness and even exploding. In comparison, the sun varies in the amount of light it emits by only one tenth of one percent over the course of a relatively stable 11-year-long pattern known as the solar cycle.  Scientists have also often speculated whether the Maunder Minimum, a 70-year dearth of sunspots in the late 17th to early 18th century, was linked with the coldest part of the Little Ice Age, during which Europe and North America experienced bitterly cold winters.

Basically Earth is in a bad neighborhood and we have to move.  Orbital mechanics requires an increase of speed to increase our orbital apogee.  We need to move away from the Sun about 25 million miles away from the Sun give or take a smidge. As a bonus we get a nice close up view of Mars.

So….. Gravitational Mass (GM) of the Sun= 4.385 × 10 lbs. Or about 22,850,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, tons.  The Mass of the Earth is 608,170,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 tons not counting passengers and baggage.  The thrust required to send Earth into the higher orbit we need will require a rocket producing 3.59 Decillion pounds of thrust. That is 356 followed by 33 zeroes.

The Solution

All we have to do is build a rocket somewhere on the equator that produces 3.59 Decillion pounds of thrust.  I’m thinking nuclear.  Fire that sucker up and move to where the Sun is not so hot.  Unfortunately, the energy produced from the exhaust will produce so much heat that the Oceans of the Earth would boil off creating a greenhouse gas effect that will freeze every living thing on Earth that wasn’t roasted by the heat.  The Plan would create the extinction level event that the whole Green/Clean Energy folks want to prevent.

It will  take 50 years and about 1.67  Bazillion Dollars to build this rocket so that gives us plenty of time to come up with a way to shield the Earth from the Rocket.

Is There a Santa?

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