Rosie Blazes Away

Aside from living in the dread of winning an all expense paid vacation to

Las Vegas, living in Las Vegas has a couple of cool perks. Was waiting at the stop light when this pulled up.

OMG! That’s a Lamborghini. Get a picture. GET A PICTURE!!!

So, the line moves up and my trusty Blog Photographer and Daughter blazes away with the “Good Camera”. Maybe not the “Good Camera”. Maybe my cell. But it’s pretty good. See?

Rosie Blazes Away with Good Camera

You have to know that Rosie was doing her best to get a good picture but I wouldn’t let her lean out of car. Much. After editing this one, I noticed a couple of cool things. One, Rosie in the mirror, blazing away. Two, someone else poking their camera up to get pictures.  Now I’m pretty sure it was one of the chase cars. Maybe taking pictures of us? Maybe not.

What’s better than catching a Lamborghini Murciélago in traffic on film?

Catching TWO Lamborghini  in traffic!!

Yeah, you can click on the pictures to see them full sized.


Name This Car

Sometimes, living in the middle of a desert gets interesting. Did you know that many car companies test drive their new models up and down the 95 here in Nevada. Some companies drive all the models at once. Two door, four door, whatever.  In a tiny little caravan  Everyone gets sneaky and covers up their car to disguise  it. The exceptionally sneaky drive at night. They all have to stop for gas and I got this shot of one.  From the escort vehicles, my guess is that this is a Dodge.  Maybe the 2011, maybe even a 2012.  What’s you guess?