God Bless What Country?

I want to personally thank every ignorant or uninformed cock sucker that voted Barrack Obama into office.  Read on to find out why.

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel stepped in front of the cameras to announce the implementation of every liberal, progressive and communist’s biggest  wet dream since the dawn of time.  The reduction of the defense budget that will shrink America’s military since before World War Two.  A level the Japanese noted and then bombed the fuck  out of Pearl Harbor.

There is no doubt in my mind that these budget cuts are aimed to find money for Obamacare and other entitlements that the Progressive Democratic Party uses to buy votes to stay in power.

Your votes you ignorant fucks.  What entitlements are you going to get when the country that pays for it doesn’t exist when the Chinese or the Russians or even the Canadians show up and take our country from us because we have no military to defend us.


Top Ten Things that will Happen When the Government Shuts Down

The unemployed will get their checks, not the military.

I cut this off of Fox News Happening Now site.  Just now Speaker Boehner says the debate is still about spending cuts not over policy no matter what Harry Reid is whining about.

Harris Faulkner’s top 10 things you should know if the federal government shuts down…

10. Federal Housing Administration will stop accepting new loans if the government shuts down

9. A federal shutdown could cost D.C. as much as $6 million a week in lost tax revenue

8. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac would not be affected by a shutdown

7. Congress would determine whether non-essential workers receive pay for a furlough period

6. The 8.5 million Americans receiving unemployment benefits should continue to do so even if the federal government shuts down, according to officials

5. Toxic waste clean-up work at sites will stop//Superfund workers are sent home

4. Delays in the processing of alcohol, tobacco, firearms, and explosives applications by the ATF

3. Work on bankruptcy cases is suspended

2. Military Service members will be expected to report to work but, will not be paid until funding is restored.

1. Members of Congress will still receive a salary