The Death of Rich Russell

Since his tragic death, Rich Russell has become a legend in the world of aviation.

Rich rolled a Embraer Q400.  Some of the engineers that built it didn’t think it could do that.  I wonder if his problems would’ve been   cut down to size if he had only landed the jet?

My meme has been viewed over 100,000 times.

More than a few people took umbrage to this meme.

What many people don’t know or realize is that dark humor is used and accepted in the world of aviation. The term, “Buying the Farm” as a way of saying someone crashed and died comes from World War Two.  Life insurance for military members back then was $10,000.  That was more than enough to pay off the farm back home.  Hence, “Buying the Farm.”

I was on a date and explained what I did for a living, launching and parking planes at the airport.
Her: “One of the guys with the wands?”

Me: “Yeah, like in the movie Airplane.”

Her: So you’re one.

Me: “One what?”

Her: “The last to see them alive.”

That’s me. Captain Mike “Mikey” Crandall is in the cockpit. He’s dead. Mid air collision.

Yes I was.  That’s why I always waved as the airplane taxied away.  Passengers waving back.  In the Air Force, I always told my trainees that when the pilot comes out, be nice to them.  No matter how shitty their day is.  Not matter if the pilot is taking their shitty day out on them.  Be nice and funny, because your might be the last face they see.

The next time you fly, look for the guy waving.

Dark humor is how we cope.  My meme of Rich wasn’t cruel.  It was a tribute.

There have been many tributes to Rich.

In my first meme, I called him Rick. I caught hell until I changed it to Rich. Respect.
That’s his widowed wife, Hannah. Click to buy the apron.









They Think You may have Hit Somebody

JFK Tower: “Air France, they think you may have hit somebody, so hold there and we’ll get back to you. Stand by.”

You think? Watch this video.

The Air France Airbus 380 (Flight AF007) hits the tail of a Comair Bombardier CJR-700 (Flight 6293).

Watching the video I thought of two things.

“Please remain seated with your seat belt fastened until the Captain has taxied to the gate.” Sound advice.

Also thought.

“Please return the stewardess to her original upright position.”

With 61 passengers and crew aboard the Bombardier and 580 aboard the Airbus it was a Good Thing that no one was injured. As the investigation continues, fingers are being pointed. It’s the pilot-in-command’s responsibility to “see and avoid” all traffic. Watch the video again and watch for something. As the Bombardier taxis to it’s spot, some dumbass in a pick up truck darts across its path. You never cross the path of a moving aircraft!

The Bombardier had to stop. The Airbus couldn’t even see it happen as it had already passed out the the cockpit’s view. Many will blame the mishap on the size of the Airbus. I disagree. NSTB investigators need to find out who was the asshat driving the truck.