Boeing 777 Crashes at SFO

San Francisco- An  Asiana Airlines Boeing 777  flight 214 with 307 souls on board crashed on landing.  The crew had declared an emergency and was cleared to land.  Initial videos show that the aircraft had a ramp strike on the approach end over run.  Witnesses also said a wing tip struck a vehicle that was at the end of the runway.  Then the tail fell off and the aircraft spun as it departed the runway.


Flight 214 originated at Seoul, South Korea after a twelve hour flight.

Passengers hauling ass off the aircraft.
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The aircraft had 307 passengers and crew aboard at the time of the crash.  At this time two are listed as dead and 181 were taken to local hospitals with injuries.

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747 Crashes at Bagram Airport

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Bagram, Afghanistan 29 April, 2013-A National Air Cargo Boeing 747-400 freighter on behalf of US Mobility Command, registration N949CA performing cargo flight N8-102 from Bagram (Afghanistan) to Dubai Al Maktoum (United Arab Emirates) with 7 crew and cargo consisting of 5 military vehicles, has crashed shortly after takeoff from Bagram Air Base’s runway 03 at 15:30L (11:00Z) and erupted into flames near the end of the runway within the perimeter of the Air Base. All 7 crew are reported perished in the crash.

The investigation into this mishap is still in the early stages.  The video does not reveal external causal effects from say a missile strike.  It appears to be a simple aerodynamic stall from which the crew did not have the altitude to recover from.

Speculation points to maybe a catastrophic shift of cargo as the aircraft pitched up for take off.

Updates of the investigation will be posted here and in our Gallery.