According to an NBC News, Donald Trump, accompanied by select members of his cabinet, toured a chem trail outfitted dispersal airplane at Andrews Air Force Base yesterday afternoon.

President trump given tour of Boeing 767 configured for Chem Trail operations.

As the partial government shut down stretched to historic length, President Trump offered solutions to end the deadlock.  Vowing to end expensive and pointless programs, the $7 billion OPERATION MYSTIC MIST is on the chopping block.

President Trump read a prepared statement in front of a converted Boeing 767.

“Today marks a great day for our country where we turn our backs on the secret poisoning of our skies and look to a great new future with better roads, a secure electrical grid, and a great wall to protect us from Mexico.”

Anonymous White House sources revealed that MYSTIC MIST and other similar black programs have been in progress since the late 1980’s.  The chem trail Boeing 767 is but one of a variety of airborne platforms used.

Other pointless programs will be terminated:

  • $518,000 in federal grants to study how cocaine affects the sexual behavior of Japanese quails.
  • $1,4 Billion a year for 770,000 for unused and underused federal buildings.
  • The Army Corps of Engineers spends $5 billion annually constructing dams and other water projects that are not necessary or fictitious to ensure the line item budget for the  Army Corps of Engineers is not reduced.


B-29 Super Fortress “Fifi”

Every now and again I come across a video that inspires a post. This is one of those times. Wait for it to load…..


FIFI, Boeing B-29A-60-BN Superfortress, s/n 44-62070, civil registration N529B, is one of only a few surviving in existence and the only one currently flying as of June 2014. It is owned by the Commemorative Air Force, currently based at Addison, Texas. FIFI tours the U.S.A. and Canada, taking part in air shows and offering flight experiences.


While stationed at George AFB I had the privilege of seeing “Fifi” and “Fertile Myrtle”” a few times. While driving cross-country in 1992 I stopped at the Confederate Air Force Museum when it was in Midland, Texas.  “Fifi” was in the hangar for a fuel filter change and when I mentioned I had an A&P license, the guy changing the filters let me help. A REAL privilege, albeit it was mostly handing tools out. I was offered a job!  But I was chasing my furniture to North Carolina and had to defer.  DAMN! Should’ve took the job.

photo: Tim Weibe
photo: Tim Weibe
photo: Tim Weibe
photo: Tim Weibe
B-29 Fifi 003

Pat Huey flew “Fifi”. Pat was the guy who taught me to fly. Therefore, he’s the best pilot I’ve ever known.


Pat flew the B-29 “Fifi”