Adam West Dead at 88

Actor Adam West died Friday night after a short battle with leukemia in Los Angeles. He was 88.

Donning the costume of the Cape Crusader one more time, West will be buried wearing the Batman costume that made him famous.*

His role as the Caped Crusader in the 1966-68 ABC series “Batman” that defined West’s career.

With its  flamboyant villains and cheeky tone, “Batman” became a surprise hit with its premiere on ABC in 1966, a virtual symbol of ’60s kitsch. The half-hour action comedy was such a hit that it aired twice a week on ABC at its peak. But within two seasons, the show’s popularity slumped as quickly as it soared.

West’s portrayal of the superhero and his alter ego, Bruce Wayne, ultimately made it hard for him to get other roles, and while he continued to work throughout his career, options remained limited because of his association with the character.


(*-Okay, I made that up)

Batman vs. The Joker in a big wave surfing competition (Year: 1967)

Posted by Mpora on Saturday, August 6, 2016

The Ultimate Guide to Sexual Orientations

We at the Lucky Puppy reach out to other viewpoints with acceptance, understanding, Love without judgement or criticism.

Heterosexual- Attracted to members of the opposite sex.

Homosexual- Attracted to members of the same sex.

Bisexual- Attracted to members of both sexes.

Androsexual- Attraction to men.

Asexual- Not attracted to any sex.

Cissexual- Sexual orientation is assigned at birth.

Demisexual- Attracted sexually only in romantic relationships.

Gynosexual- Attracted to the female genitalia.

Intersexual- Having both male and female genitalia. Formerly known as “hermaphrodite”.

Metrosexual –A man with a strong aesthetic sense who spends more time, energy, or money on his appearance and grooming than is considered gender normative.

Polysexual- Being in sexual and romantic relationships with multiple consenting partners.

Romantisexual- Attracted to another person without sexual desire.

Skoliosexual- Attracted to physically handicapped people.

Transsexual – A person who identifies psychologically as a gender/sex other than the one to which they were assigned at birth.

Coquendamsexual- Sexually attracted to the act of cooking.

Zoosexual- Attracted to animals.

Furnisexual- Attracted to furniture.

Patiosexual- Attracted to patio furniture.

Aquasexual- Sexually attracted to relationships in water.

Pedosexual- Attracted to younger consenting partners.

Geezersexual- Attracted to old people.

Petasexual- In a romantic, sexual relationship with a house pet.

Pansexual- Sexually attracted to pots and pans.

Bibliosexual- Sexually attracted to books.

Lucasexual- Sexually aroused by Star Wars movies.

Arachnisexual- Sexually attracted to spiders.

Serpasexual- Sexually attracted to snakes.

Ludibrisecual- Sexually attracted to toys.

Coriosexual- Sexually attracted to leather.

Polypusexual- Sexually attracted to octopi.

Batnoirsexual- Sexually attracted to Batman.