The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier- What You Don’t Know

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is the most hallowed ground in our National Cemetery.

Arlington, Virginia was the home of General Robert E. Lee. In retribution for Lee leading the Army of Northern Virginia in rebellion against the Union General of the Army Winfield Scott ordered that Union dead be buried on the plantation. “So that is be an internal reminder of Lee’s treason.”, said Scott. In 1882 The federal government finally designated Arlington has the National cemetery.

Since 1937, The Third Infantry Regiment at Fort Myer has the responsibility for guarding the tombs. Read more about the Tombs history here.

A guard has been posted on the Tombs 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year since 1921. There have been no exceptions. While posting of the sentry conducted with ceremony and sentry’s precise movements are steeped in tradition, the sentries do in fact guard the tomb.

What you don’t know is they will react to the slightest provocation. Yes, their weapons are loaded.

Do not test them.

You had better stay behind the chains and rails





This is the entire Changing of the Guard Ceremony.



The Indiana National Guard was flying home from their deployment to Afghanistan.¬† It’s a long¬† flight so everyone marched off to stretch their legs and pee.

In this file photo, Indiana Army National Guard Soldiers with the 76th Infantry Brigade Combat Team march into the Indianapolis International Airport in Indianapolis, Ind.

After the pit stop, everyone wanted to load up and the TSA determined that the soldiers needed to be screened for security. Ok, it was an international flight. It was a flight that originated from a country known to harbor terrorists. So better safe than sorry, better pat down these “passengers”.

As this process continued a TSA lady confiscated a pair of nail trimmers that she had found on the soldier. “Why are you taking my nail trimmers?”, asked the soldier. “Because you can bring down an airliner with these”, TSA agent replied.

The soldier dutifully surrendered his nail trimmers and proceeded to board the aircraft with the M-16 and pistol he was carrying.