Wyoming Kangaroo Season Deemed Success

Today marks the first anniversary of wild kangaroos in Wyoming.  Last year the Wyoming Fish and Game Department (WFAG) imported and released 90 kangaroos.  As the first hunt season on kangaroo opens, early reports say it’s a resounding success.

Kangaroos in Wyoming

Last year, The Wyoming Fish and  Game Department (WFAG) partnered with the Wyoming Migration Initiative (WMI) released the first of 5 planned batches of 90 Antilopine Kangaroos into the Wyoming outdoors.  Each new herd of 90 will be released each year with the last herd being released in 2021.  

“We wanted to offer hunters in Wyoming something that was not available in Montana or Idaho.  As the kangaroo herds grow and their habitat expands, we plan to introduce other species to the Wyoming ranges.  Zebra and Water Buffalo have been suggested, but no selection has been made at this time”

Debra Morgan, Director of Special Projects (WFAG)

2017 WMI kangaroo release.

Kangaroo Hunting Map




Devin Kelley’s AR-15

We at the Lucky Puppy have heartfelt sympathy for the victims and survivors of the Sutherland shooting.  We also applaud the men who hunted this bastard down and shot him.  No matter what the MSM says what happened.

Texas has a saying:

“If you kill us, we’ll kill you right back.”

USA Today published a video today detailing the semi-automatic AR-15 rifle used in the Texas church shooting — however, there was one slight detail in their report.  He didn’t have one.


The Internets being the Internets…..well….things immeadiatlyspun out of control.

I immediately posted this one, but folks were way ahead of me.