Last Words

It is said that pilots are the first one’s at the scene of a crash. Some are caught unaware but most fight the problem all the way down. The CVR (Cockpit Voice Recorder) records their final words. These are some of them.

“There he is .. look at him! Goddamn that son-of-a-bitch is coming! Get off!”
Pan Am 1736, Boeing 747, 27 March 1977.

“Pete, sorry.”
Air Canada 621,Douglas DC-8, 5 July 1970.

“Hey, what’s happening here?”
Eastern Airlines 401, 29 Dec 1972.

“Ma I love you.”
Pacific Southwest Airlines 182. 25 Sep 1978.

“Larry, we’re going down, Larry…. I know it!”
Air Florida 90, Boeing 737, 13 Jan 1982.

“Amy, I love you.”
Atlantic Southeast Airlines 529, 21 Aug 1995.

Vnokovo Airlines 2601, 29 Aug 1996.

“Ah here we go.”
Alaska Airlines 261, MD-80, 31 Jan 2000.

“Too late! No time. No TIME!”
Air France 4950, Concorde, 25 JULY 2000.

New Paint Scheme Debuts on F-16

The F-16’s at Eielson AFB, Alaska will be sporting a new paint scheme. They have been chosen as the first aircraft to receive the Arctic Camouflage. Airmen of the 8th FW, Kunsan AB, South Korea got the chance to apply the new camouflage as part of the 8th transferring their assigned jets to Eielson. Work was started in November in preparation of the transfer.

USAF photos by TSgt. Quinton T. Burris

Kunsan will be getting the more advanced Block 40 F-16’s from Eielson and Kunsan’s Block 30’s will be flying as Agressors during Eielson’s Red Flag-Alaska excercises with the new paint job.