San Diego Air and Space Museum

We were in San Diego for a family reunion at the zoo.  But on day two we took a side trip to the San Diego Air and Space Museum in Balboa Park.

Showtime 100 was destroyed by a SAM. But this is what it looked like as Cunningham and Driscoll chased Colonel Toom that day over Hanoi.

The mission of Apollo 9 was the flight test of the Lunar Module (LEM) in Earth orbit.  Commander James McDivitt, Command Module Pilot David Scott, and Lunar Module Pilot Rusty Schweickart.    

Launching on March 3, 1969, the crewmen spent ten days in low Earth orbit.

Apollo 9 is on display.


Here’s a peek inside of Apollo 9.


Pacific Southwest Airline Stewardess uniform circa 1966.

Word play on the airline logo PSA, like DELTA- “Doesn’t Ever Leave the Airport”, “Pure, Sober, Available” described PSA stewardesses.  In 1966, PSA offered a Las Vegas getaway for aircrew members wherein the girls crossed off  “Pure” and “Sober” from their badges.



NOT a SR-71, that’s an A-12 outside of the San Diego Air and Space Museum. Tail number 60-6933.


YF2Y-1 Sea Dart, Bureau Number 135763.